Does Leonid Chernovetskyi have a hidden agenda in Georgia?


Any observer of the Georgian political landscape is quick to understand that business and politics are a volatile mixture. One only has to revisit the great political essay “Shame of the Cities” (1904) by Lincoln Steffens to…

Does The Survival of the Molokans Depend on Georgia Reuniting with “Greater Russia?”


A recent trip to the Georgian-Azerbaijan border, a potential hotspot due to potential flow of refugees and escaping terrorists from Syria seeking safer havens than a Europe responding…

Georgia the NGO Heaven Which is Hell for Everyone Else


Notwithstanding the failed coup plot in Georgia, the real news here these days is a story which will probably slip under the radar: a new NGO is in the making. The one thing this country doesn’t need is another…

The Georgian Coup Saga … What It Was Really About


Jeffrey Silverman, the Georgia Bureau Chief for Veterans Today, has recently accused the US Ambassador to Georgia, Ian Kelly, of being directly involved in the plot to overthrow the democratically-elected Georgian government. He says that…

Business Focus on Georgia, the Caucasus, and a Thwarted Coup d’Etat


The Republic of Georgia is all in the headlines again this week, this time over former president Mikheil Saakashvili’s alleged role in planning a violent coup in that key Caucasus country…

Georgia: Saakashvili’s Goose is Finally Cooked!


Jeffrey Silverman, Georgian Bureau Chief for Veterans Today, Tbilisi, Georgia, has given some rather direct and hard hitting interviews to the Georgian media in recent days, as the efforts to change the Georgian government have run into a snag…

How Vladimir Putin Took Over the World


To create division and dissent where no discord need exist, this is the talent of the destroyers. As the world looks on Syria and an emerging Iran, the larger scope of conflict escapes a multitude. However convenient it may be to assume Syria or Ukraine…

Saakashvili is planning a bloody coup in Georgia


The boiling news in Georgia, “the big story here” according to various sources, is another attempt to bring about a change of government. One of the inside sources for this story wrote, “I don’t have enough on this but what you wrote before is what…

Mamuka Mamulashvili: A Threat to Georgia’s National Security or Everyone Else’s?


One of the problems with writing an article about a controversial figure is that they want to control the transcript. They will not provide an interview unless they can control what will ultimately be printed…

Georgia: Rustavi 2 is the keystone of the UNM’s resilience


As for now, the jury is out and all of Rustavi 2’s assets have been frozen by a Georgian court. Most Georgian obtain the bulk of their information from informal networks, the proverbial grapevine, or from Rustavi2, the most popular TV station in…

VT Bureau Chief Detained by Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs


When Jeffrey Silverman, Georgia Bureau Chief for Veterans Today, was detained for five hours last Friday the Georgian authorities could not find his name in their high…

Davit Kezerashvili, Georgia’s Most Wanted: Walks Free with Political Impunity


Whenever Georgia has made the news in recent years one name has kept cropping up – that of Davit Kezerashvili, the Defence Minister during the 2008 Russia-Georgia war. At that point he was 29, and people were asking how he could have…

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