Noah’s Ark Torpedoed in the Middle of Tbilisi


This story could have been written as a takeoff of George Orwell’s Animal Farm, with all the escaping zoo animals who feature in it, but out of respect for the dead, both human and animal, I have decided not to go there. The Tbilisi flood isn’t about…

Misha Reinvented in Ukraine: Not Safe, But Stupid


Retired tennis champion John McEnroe became famous for throwing tantrums and saying “You can NOT be SERIOUS!” in an anguished voice. What, therefore, should we say when we hear that former Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili…

Red Herrings Muddy the Waters in Georgia’s Largest Port

The newsworthy events in the Republic of Georgia are the ones which are not in the news. The major industrial…

Life is Cheap for Experimental Drug Trials Victims: “Why Georgia?”

What we have heard rumoured, or more than rumoured, is now pretty much official. The attitude of Georgia’s Western “friends”…

Pankisi Supplies Conscripts to IS

Georgia’s Pankisi Gorge is once in the public eye. Another two young local Kistians – aged 16 and 18 –…

Global Alliance for Health and Social Compact/Corruption “does Georgia”

One would think that good health is a public good, and therefore a functioning healthcare system should be accessible to…

On perspective partnerships between Georgia and China in 2015

According to official statistics, in 2015 China has become the largest investor in Georgian economy, leaving in its wake Azerbaijan,…

Attempted ‘Tbilisi Maidan’ Part of a Sinister and Larger Plot

Once again Georgia is in the news as a result of the mass anti-government protest in Tbilisi on March 21.…

Georgia-Iran: Neighbors Quarrel

The Iranian province Fereydan is a place of compact residence of Armenians and Georgians. In the town Fereydunshahri, where there…

NATO and the Upcoming Coup in Georgia

I started out to write a typical story about NATO and Georgia, but soon realised that, in the present climate,…

Victoria Nuland’s “Secret” Coup d’etat in Georgia

Former Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili has been saying for six months that he will be back in six months! No…

The Case of Dr. Vakhtang Maisaia: Today Georgia, Tomorrow Your Country

Miscarriages of justice occur everywhere. They are not the preserve of dictatorships or other forms of repressive regime. But the…

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