Georgia Trafficks Weapons, and I Have the Documents, Claims Former Georgian Colonel


All governments are corrupt and to many, corruption is endemic to their function. Sadly, Georgia may well fall into this group. However, given Georgia’s strategic position, wars and…

Effort to Silence CIA Assets Begins with Tarkhan Batirashvili


Most Chechen commanders have shelf lives, not necessarily in terms of effectiveness on the battlefield but in terms of political usefulness. It seems that another one is about to find out the hard way that Chechens are only there to…

Lugar Bio Weapons Laboratory, Time Bomb in Georgia and Region?


Introduction by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor, Veterans Today: Despite treaties prohibiting the use of biological and chemical weapons, treaties prohibiting the development and use of…

Logistics of Terrorists Support Mechanisms in Georgia and Turkish “Dirty Wars”


Introduction by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor, Veterans Today: To the casual observer, seemingly unrelated stories do not interrelate, nor do they support the scenario of a global threat. To the professional, working in…

Georgian Energy Minister Scoffs at Frontera’s (Latest) Huge Gas Reserves Claim


The Frontera Company, based in Houston, Texas, has been hanging round the Caucasus for years. Every so often, it tries to justify its presence there by claiming…

Georgian Crime of the Year – Warning to Potential Election Candidates?


Two weeks ago a horrendous crime was committed in Tbilisi which is still the talk of the town. Vakhtang Qiria, the chief prosecutor of Samegrelo Zemo Svaneti, a mountainous region of Georgia, was found dead in…

Georgia’s Pankisi Gorge In the News Again: Still Too Many Awkward Questions


As the links between various rogue elements in the former Georgian Intelligence Services, Turkey and ISIL, the Islamic State, become ever more obvious increasing numbers of questions are being asked about activities in…

Lugar Bio Laboratory in Tbilisi Latest: It’s Getting Worse by the Day


Introduction by Gordon Duff, Editor of Veterans Today. Today people are getting sick with Swine Flu and Zika all over the world, with Ebola hanging back while we await the next outbreak. Diseases occur naturally, but since World War II

Does Leonid Chernovetskyi have a hidden agenda in Georgia?


Any observer of the Georgian political landscape is quick to understand that business and politics are a volatile mixture. One only has to revisit the great political essay “Shame of the Cities” (1904) by Lincoln Steffens to…

Does The Survival of the Molokans Depend on Georgia Reuniting with “Greater Russia?”


A recent trip to the Georgian-Azerbaijan border, a potential hotspot due to potential flow of refugees and escaping terrorists from Syria seeking safer havens than a Europe responding…

Georgia the NGO Heaven Which is Hell for Everyone Else


Notwithstanding the failed coup plot in Georgia, the real news here these days is a story which will probably slip under the radar: a new NGO is in the making. The one thing this country doesn’t need is another…

The Georgian Coup Saga … What It Was Really About


Jeffrey Silverman, the Georgia Bureau Chief for Veterans Today, has recently accused the US Ambassador to Georgia, Ian Kelly, of being directly involved in the plot to overthrow the democratically-elected Georgian government. He says that…

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