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Armenia-Azerbaijan Again on the Frontline, Is the US Meddling as Usual?

It would be easy to dismiss the latest incidents in the Armenian-Azeri conflict zone as more of the same; however, when you read the headlines in the US media, the New York Times for instance, more may be involved. Could not the US send someone besides Nancy Pelosi as an envoy to stir the pot? There is no need…

Will Christina Quinn Impose US-style Democracy on Armenia?


The US has made no secret of its wish to push Armenia from Russia’s sphere of influence, and in order to boost its efforts Washington plans to make some staffing changes at its embassy in Yerevan. Specifically, it intends to strengthen its core of “experienced personnel” who have already been trained in anti-Russian activities in other countries. According to an…

US is Stepping Up its Efforts to Squeeze Russia Out of Armenia


Against the backdrop of the lack of success in creating an opposition stronghold to Russia in Ukraine, the United States has recently taken a number of measures to create a so-called “second front” against Moscow by increasing instability and initiating anti-Russian sentiment in a number of countries that are politically and strategically important to the Russian Federation…

How Western Powers are Trying to Undo the Nagorno-Karabakh Peace


When Russia recently succeeded in bringing peace between the warring Armenia and Azerbaijan, it sent shockwaves across the West, particularly France and the US, the other two members of the Minsk Group. That Russia was able to mediate negotiations and peace single-handedly and swiftly meant that it was in full control…

Nagorno-Karabakh: Armenian Defeat Trades One War 4-Another


The outcome of the Karabakh war is turning me into more of a cynic. I keep hoping it’s just a phase. However, based on the reality on the ground, not only in Azerbaijan and Armenia but the region as a whole, many questions are coming to mind. Now is the time to reflect on what comes next, and how the political balance has been recalibrated…

A Regional Solution Can End Polarization around Nagorno-Karabakh


The recently ceased fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh region between Azerbaijan and Armenia has opened too many cracks that a number of external players, especially the US, are looking to exploit to their advantage. For the US, military tensions and wide-spread instability and war close to Russia’s southern regions and Iran…

Why Nagorno-Karabakh and Why Now?


Several months ago, I wrote that things had been tense on the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict zone since the collapse of the USSR, but only now are we hearing of a resumption of active hostilities, the deployment of heavy weaponry and heated engagements. Observers on the ground have no doubt that the heaviest fighting in years is going on, and this is only…

US and EU are Seeking to Tear Armenia Away from Russia


For centuries, the Caucasus, which was part of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union, has been an arena of interaction and struggle between various, often opposing, political and economic interests. Located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia…

Can Armenia Survive Western Clock and Dagger Infiltration?


Ever since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the United States considered itself the sole global hegemon entitled to decide the fate of other international players. Acting on that premise, for the last couple decades or so the US has been toppling sovereign governments…

What’s Washington Really Doing in Armenia?

There has been considerable speculation in recent days as to whether the recent and ongoing protests across former Soviet Armenia…

Armenia’s Energy: Benefits of Cooperation with the EU


In November 2017, the Republic of Armenia (RADahJTkfw plans to sign an important treaty with the European Union. The document is known as the “Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement” (CEPADahJTkfw. In the view of its supporters, the expansion…

Cooperation between Armenia and Iran May Result in Benefits for the EAEU


On December 21, 2016, tThe President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, visited the Republic of Armenia on December 21, 2016. During…

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