What is the Real Target/Objective of US Offence Policy in Europe?


The propaganda machine in the US is fueled by the ignorance of the American public, who still believe, with hand on heart, that the US government is on their side and motivated by altruism. However, the rest of the world is not so naïve, as more and more countries are waking up to the fallout of US policy. I just wonder how long the conflict in Ukraine can last…

Will Christina Quinn Impose US-style Democracy on Armenia?


The US has made no secret of its wish to push Armenia from Russia’s sphere of influence, and in order to boost its efforts Washington plans to make some staffing changes at its embassy in Yerevan. Specifically, it intends to strengthen its core of “experienced personnel” who have already been trained in anti-Russian activities in other countries. According to an…

US is Stepping Up its Efforts to Squeeze Russia Out of Armenia


Against the backdrop of the lack of success in creating an opposition stronghold to Russia in Ukraine, the United States has recently taken a number of measures to create a so-called “second front” against Moscow by increasing instability and initiating anti-Russian sentiment in a number of countries that are politically and strategically important to the Russian Federation…

How the West Turned Alt-info TV into the Georgian Conservative Movement


Yet another new political party, the Conservative Movement, has now been founded in Georgia. Usually these parties are personal vehicles for one person, and vanish when their grievances do. This one however has a more unusual provenance, which seems to causing undue concern. The Conservatives began life as an alternative…

Who is Capable of Settling the Conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan?


One year after the second Karabakh war, the border between the two republics is again turbulent. Periodically, the media and official representatives of Armenia and Azerbaijan report about the violation – by the enemy, of course – of the ceasefire, defined by trilateral Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan statement…

The West Shakes Georgia’s Foundation by Exploiting the “Saakashvili Factor”


As planned by the West, the internal political crisis in this country and the crisis in Georgia’s relations with the European Union and the United States only intensified with the return of Mikheil Saakashvili to his homeland. The EU has been trying to return Georgia to the path of democracy for over a year now. Even before his return…

Failure of the Messiah and Another Coup in Georgia?


As you know, Georgia is in a major political crisis, and its acute phase has lasted for more than a year now. The government accuses its opponents of preparing a political coup, while the United National Movement (UNM), the pro-Western coalition of former president Mikheil Saakashvili’s opposition to the current government, orchestrated by Washington, works hard…

Election Outcome in Georgia Leaves Many Asking: “And What Now?”


Now the votes are counted in the Georgian municipal elections there are no surprises, and the reactions are what you would have expected. Georgians didn’t have much of a real choice between the two main political parties on Election Day, or during the runoff held on October 30. Those who came out to cast their ballots held their noses and voted…

Why is Saakashvili in Georgia Now?


Mikheil Saakashvili’s theatrical return after eight years in exile and flight from Georgia, where he has been convicted twice for various criminal offences, has attracted increased attention not only in this Caucasus country. The very moment of his appearance in Georgia – on the eve of the local elections in which more than 40 political parties will participate, as well as the arrest…

Turkey Actively Seeks to Strengthen its Influence over Georgia


Two years ago, former Georgian Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze, during the August 12, 2019 celebration of the Georgian holiday of Didgoroba, thundered to all in attendance that “the Battle of Didgoroba continues for every one of the Georgians.” To make these words clear to everyone, we recall 1121, when the King…

US Ambassador Kelly Degnan Imposes External Control on Georgia


As part of the competitive struggle throughout the history of mankind, individual countries have already fallen under the external control of others, losing their sovereignty. This has been expressed since the controlling power unilaterally exerted a direct influence on the vassal state, prescribing certain managerial decisions to it, equivalent…

Georgia’s Political “False Flags” – Never Missing an Opportunity for Russian Bashing


In the wake of COVID and the current economic crisis you would think a country that has staked so much on tourism would not bite the hand that could [potentially] feed it. But conventional wisdom does not work when political parties will stoop to any level to spin the visit of a foreign journalist for political gain. This was definitely the case…

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