Who Can Fill the Power Gap US Abuses Have Created?


Relationships between states differ over time, depending on a wide variety of factors. Poland was warmly welcomed into the EU when it got rid of Communism, but its veer towards an unpleasant form of nationalism now makes it a less than desirable partner. Tens of thousands of Portuguese died to kick the French out of their country, and now French citizens have an automatic right…

Toronto Fears Assuaged: Putin Will Not Invade!


Don’t look now, but all of Toronto, Canada will soon be up in arms and ready to defend the inevitable Russian invasion! Okay, maybe not all of Toronto, but the readers of The Star dot com at least. As Vladimir Putin’s evil empire threatens the shores of Lake Ontario, Canadians…

What’s Wrong in Canada’s Halls of Power?


What is wrong with Canada? It’s the massive landmass sitting atop the United States that has great potential. But despite her capability to support industrial and civic growth, Canada just maintains the status quo, being a mediocre nation…

What Awaits Canada in the Year 2016


Back when the year 2015 was starting, several numerologists promised us a restless year ahead, full of political and financial catastrophes. One can treat such predictions with different degrees of distrust and skepticism

Canada’s Electors Make It a World Leader Overnight


Some years ago a couple of Canadians invented a whistle which produced its sound without using a pea. Therefore it worked every time, with no risk of it jamming when you needed to blow it in an emergency situation. This was a major technological…

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