Asian-Pacific region

The Northern Sea Route: New Prospects for the Pacific Rim


Twenty years ago, eight Arctic states established the Arctic Council (AC) to jointly develop the Arctic Region and preserve the environment and culture of the indigenous peoples. Initially, Denmark, Iceland, Canada, Norway, Russia…

Is There a Radically Different Future For Australia


In 2013 President Xi Jinping announced that China would be embarking upon what has become the world’s largest infrastructure building program. Known in China as the One Belt, One Road, but more popularly referred to as the New…

The Eurasian Economic Union – a New Power in the Asia-Pacific Region


The Free Trade Zone Agreement between the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (SRV) and the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) came into effect on October 5, 2016. It was signed by the heads of the governments…

Russia is Increasing its Influence in the Asia-Pacific Region


While media attention is focused on the struggle for influence in the Asia-Pacific region between China and the United States, Russia has been improving its standing with regional players slowly but surely. This strategy has…

The Case for an Australian Iraq War Inquiry is Compelling


The release of the Chilcot Report into the circumstances under which the United Kingdom took part in the invasion and occupation of Iraq in 2003 has raised fresh questions of how Australia came to join the unfortunately named…

Australian Foreign Policy: An Eerie Silence


Australia has now completed more than six weeks of an eight-week election campaign. There have been the usual claims and counterclaims from the major parties, dubious statistics, hyperbole, and a relentless focus on peripheral issues…

Australia and the War in Syria: Continuing Obfuscation


On 16 November 2015 the present writer published an article in Australia’s New Matilda magazine. The article had two main objectives. The first was a discussion of the legal bases upon which one State could attack another State. The second…

MH17 Coroner’s Inquest: More Questions than Answers


An inquest into the deaths of the Australian passengers on board MH17 when it was shot down over Eastern Ukraine on 14 July 2014 was held in Melbourne, Australia, on 15 and 16 December 2015. The inquest was notable for a number of reasons, most…

Christmas Eve events in the Asia-Pacific Region (APR) do not inspire optimism


One of the main themes of the NEO publications in the past year was concerned with monitoring and evaluating processes in the Asia-Pacific region, where the center…

Australia and the New Silk Roads


In January 1904 Sir Halford Mackinder, the director of the London School of Economics, presented a paper to the Royal Geographical Society. The paper was entitled “The Geographical Pivot of History.” In his presentation…

Australia’s Foreign Policy: Time for a Rethink


On Hiroshima Day this year the recently retired Director-General of Australia’s premier spy agency, the Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO), Mr David Irvine, addressed a meeting organized by the Griffith University (Brisbane) Asia Institute…

On Political Aspects of Economic Integration in the Asia-Pacific Region


The complexity of the situation emerging in the Asia-Pacific Region is manifested in a contradictory interweaving of political and economic regional trends, the motivation of which is mainly based on the rapid emergence of China as one of the leading…

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