Asian-Pacific region

Trump Sets Oceania Alight


With the coming to power of the new US president Donald Trump, the tiny countries of Oceania, which have always been in dire need of additional funding, have made attempts to find out how far his pre-election slogan “Let’s make America great again!” will extend. Specifically, whether America…

August 15 and the North-East Asia Conundrum


August 15 presents itself as a landmark date in the new history of the Asia-Pacific Region and, in particular, the North-East Asia Sub-Region. On this day in 1945, the then-Emperor of Japan, Hirohito, issued a historical statement…

The Shangri-La Dialogue and the Situation in the Asian-Pacific Region


At the very beginning of June Singapore hosted the annual Shangri-La Dialogue summit that proved to be one of the most notable international forums which discusses the issues of security in the Asian-Pacific Region (APR) in…

One Belt, One Road: Opportunities and Challenges for Australia


“China”, Napoleon once remarked, “is like a sleeping lion. Let here sleep, for when she awakens she will shake the world.” In 2013 in a speech delivered in Astana, Kazakhstan, China’s President Xi Jinping outlined an ambitious…

Time to Rethink Australian Defence Policy


The recent visit to Australia by the US Vice-President Mike Pence and statements by both Prime Minister Turnbull and Opposition leader Shorten have highlighted yet again the singularly dangerous path that Australia is following in…

Australia Joins the APR Game


The five-day visit of Prime Minister Li Keqiang to Australia at the end of March is a good occasion to turn again to the topic of positioning this country in the complex game that is currently being played by the leading powers of…

More Delusional Thinking in Australian Foreign Policy


The Australian government’s selective view of history and capacity for self-delusion in its foreign policy was on full display when Foreign Minister Julie Bishop delivered the Fullerton Lecture to the International Institute of…

Australian Foreign Policy and Israel: an Enduring Disgrace


The recent visit to Australia by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the forthcoming foreign policy White Paper should provide an opportunity for Australia to re-examine its support for the State…

Asian Energy Ring: the Vision is Being Turned into Reality


The draft of the Asian Energy Ring (AER), that was fist brought forward by Russia, has been in existence for many years, yet due to various reasons it hasn’t been implemented. However, there’s a chance that the latest developments…

Cambodia as an Example of Chinese Influence in ASEAN


For several years, the Asia-Pacific states have been concerned with the confrontation between China and a number of different states in the region over the South China Sea (SCS). China’s opponents are the members of the Association…

Dangerous Delusions in Australian Foreign Policy


A report in the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) has raised several issues affecting Australia’s defence and foreign policies, in particular as those policies relate to China, our largest trading partner by a significant margin…

Strengthening Stability in the Asia-Pacific region


One of the many factors that attract foreign partners to Russia is cooperation in the military technical sphere. Russian technology is highly appraised worldwide. The Yak-130 is one of the sources of pride of the defence industry…

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