The Future of the British Monarchy in Australia


In 1952, Elizabeth II became Queen of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, as well as the head of the Commonwealth of Nations, the 54 members of which include Australia. On June 2, 2022, large-scale celebrations dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the coronation of Elizabeth II were held in the UK. And Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese paid his…

Australia: When Will It Be An Independent State?


When people talk about Asia, they do not generally mean Australia. After all, it is the largest part of a theoretically separate continent, Oceania, and its people are white and British in origin for the most part. However Oceania is a cultural term as much as anything. It refers to places where there a mix of native Polynesians and white European settlers, and English…

Reasons To Doubt the Foreign Policy of The New Labor Government


Australia held a general election last Saturday, 21 May. The governing Liberal National party coalition was heavily defeated. It will be replaced by the Labor government which at the time of writing did not hold a majority of the seats in Parliament. In fact, the victorious Labor Party managed to win less than one third of the popular vote. The real…

The Forthcoming Australian Election is Not Really About Meaningful Change


In less than two weeks’ time, on Saturday 20th May the Australian electorate goes to the polls to select a new government. If the opinion polls are correct, it should be a victory for the Labor Party which last held power in 2013. There are however, a number of uncertainties in the polls. The first is the rise of independent…

The Cossacks in Australia and Russia’s Special Operation in Ukraine


For many centuries, the Cossacks have been one of the symbols of Russia and a reliable pillar of the Tsar’s power. During the Russian Civil War (1917-1923), most of the Cossacks supported the White Movement, whose defeat brought the old ways to an end. Supporters of the previous government were forced to either change their political…

Oh For an Independent Australian Foreign Policy


The Australian mainstream media continues its misreporting of the ongoing war in Ukraine. The latest example, also repeated on the ABC and SBS television outlets, was the bombing of a hospital in Mariupol. This was presented to the viewing public as an unprovoked and reckless Russian attack on a hospital, filled with pregnant women waiting to give birth…

Australia and New Zealand Follow a Common Course


As might be expected, after the start of the Ukrainian special operation by Russian troops, Russia was hit by international sanctions, primarily from the West. Of course, permanent members of the “collective West” such as Australia and New Zealand have joined these sanctions. This is not surprising – as former British colonies, they are an indispensable part of the Anglosphere…

Australia Slow to Learn From the Lessons of History


Australia will hold a general election no later than May of this year. According to the opinion polls, it should be a victory for the Labor Party. They have consistently held a lead over the governing coalition of Liberal and National party members for a considerable period of time, the last opinion poll published less than one week ago showing them with a commanding 10-point…

Australian Foreign and Defence Policy Makers Make One Bad Choice After Another


Australia recently cancelled its order for eight French built submarines. The cancellation was incredibly badly handled with the French being kept in the dark about the decision until long after it had been taken. The problem was compounded by the Defence and Foreign Ministers being in communication with the French after the cancellation…

The Australian Government Faces a Sea of Woes


The normally placid waters of Australian political life had a rude awakening in the past week. The French president Emanuel Macron was interviewed by a group of Australian reporters. He was asked if he thought he had been lied to by Scott Morrison, the Australian Prime Minister, on the issue of the cancellation of the Australian order for French built…

Australian Foreign Policy Becomes Even More Closely Wedded to the United States


Australia has just confirmed that its allegiance to the United States exceeds its own interests, and even its relationship with other, previously friendly nations, such as France. The triggering point for this degradation of Australia’s position in the world was the decision, announced this past week by prime minister Scott Morrison, to ditch…

Can India Replace China for Australia?


At first glance, the question in the title seems a figment of the imagination, affected by this year’s abnormal heatwave. Indeed, the two great powers India and China, part of the narrow pool of significant players in the current “Great World Game,” occupy their spots at the gaming table. These spots, of course, are not entirely autonomous and overlap with each other to a certain…

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