Asian-Pacific region

Australia: Willing Pawn in US Struggle with China

Upon reading Australia's new defense strategy, one might think its authors believe they are surrounded by nations invaded and destroyed…

The Latest 2+2 Australia-US Ministerial Consultations (AUSMIN)

On July 27-28, the regular AUSMIN forum for consultations bringing together the Australian Ministers for Foreign Affairs and Defense with…

On Australia’s Potential Participation in the Malabar Exercise


On July 10, a number of news agencies reported that India’s leadership is considering inviting Australia to participate in the international naval exercise Malabar, scheduled later this year. The report is noteworthy for a number of reasons, mainly from the perspective of assessing the state of affairs in the Indo-Pacific region…

Australia is Reclaiming Oceania


Over the past decade, China has almost defeated Australia in the competitive struggle for spheres of influence in Oceania, getting the small island states that are scattered across the tremendous space in the Pacific Ocean hooked on a yuan-denominated “needle of loans”. Consequently, a region that is extremely important for Australia has almost turned into a foothold for China’s military…

Australia’s Defense Strategic Update and Force Structure Plan


In a major speech delivered in Canberra on June 30, Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison announced plans to overhaul “Australia’s defense strategy and force structure” as envisioned by the Department of Defense in 2020 Defense Strategic Update and 2020 Force Structure Plan. Such documents are updated…

Australian Defence Policy Locked in Counter-Productive Mythology


One of the great geopolitical fallacies common throughout much of the western world is the belief that circumstances as they are now are as they have always been and how they will continue to remain. Any student of history (and they are a dwindling band because of modern curriculum emphasis on relevance knows…

COVID-2019 and Its Effect on the Indo-Pacific Region


For now, many countries worldwide are still under siege from the Coronavirus, threatening millions of lives. However, it is leaving a much different mark, for instance, in the Indo-Pacific Region. Even before the pandemic hit, it had been far from smooth sailing in the area due to a number of disputes and conflicting interests between regional players, for whom…

Situation in Oceania During the 2020 Global Crisis


Australia and Oceania, just as other regions of the planet, have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The first novel Coronavirus case was recorded in Australia (Melbourne) on January 25, 2020, and then the disease began to spread rapidly throughout the region. At the end of February, New Zealand reported its first infection. Numerous island nations of Oceania rushed…

Tokelau’s Interests amid Struggle between Global Powers


Tokelau is a dependent territory of New Zealand comprised of three tropical coral atolls, or ring-shaped islands, situated about halfway between New Zealand and Hawaii. The islands only have a population of about 1,500 people. The nationals of Tokelau are called Tokelauans, most of whom are ethnic Polynesians and speak their own language, Tokelauan…

Why would Australia Want to Worsen its Relationship with China?


The following explanation framed as a question could be added to the headline of this article to make it even more informative: “Why would a prosperous country, which has managed to stay above the fray during global political squabbles and to handle the current COVID-19 pandemic wreaking havoc worldwide much better than other…

Australia and How the Corona Crisis Raises Wider Geopolitical Issues


The coronavirus pandemic that is currently causing enormous social and economic disruption is curious for a number of reasons. The first controversy is the actual location of the beginning of the virus. It should not be a matter of controversy, much less the outrageous allegations that have been made. Those allegations, naming China as the…

Fiji to become the West’s Foothold in Oceania?


The fact that economies of most of the small island nations in Oceania are not well-developed means that the financial system in the region is not particularly advanced. Some of the countries do not even have their own currency and use that of their more developed neighbors, i.e. Australia, New Zealand and the USA. There are regions with a relatively high standard…

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