Asian-Pacific region

Australian Policy in South Pacific: Overview for the Year


Since Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison came to power a little over a year ago (starting at the end of August 2018 until today), Canberra has put in a lot of effort into restoring its position in the South Pacific, which has been considerably weakened in the last 10 years because of strong pressure…

Confronting Changing Geopolitical Realities


In the Australian media they have in recent weeks being waging an information war against China. One recent illustration of this was the publicity given to a Chinese defector. He was presented in the media as a former senior official in China’s spy agency who had carried out a number of activities in East Asia on behalf of China. That he was only…

A Changed Economic World for Australia, But No Change in Policies


For most of its history, trade and foreign policy did not create dilemmas for the Australian ruling classes. Until the Japanese invasion of Singapore in 1941 Australia regarded its trade and foreign policy interests with the United Kingdom to be synonymous. The rapid collapse of…

Australia’s Recognition of the Changing Realities is Long Overdue


Australia is in an historically unusual position. Cultural and social ties with Europe have been the historical benchmark. There was a profound national shock following the fall of Singapore in December 1941. That saw an immediate reorientation towards the United States. The US has been the focus of…

Chagos Islands: Will the Resettled Population See an End to Their Tragedy?


A Chinese delegation headed by Wang Chen, a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party and the deputy Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, visited Mauritius from June 8-11, 2019 for a meeting with the country’s Prime Minister, Pravind…

New Zealand Working to Stabilize Rocky Relations with China


On March 30, 2019, New Zealand’s Te Papa National Museum in the capital city Wellington hosted the Grand Opening of the China-New Zealand Year of Tourism. Chinese Minister of Culture and Tourism Luo Shugang attended the ceremony along with New Zealand’s Minister of Tourism Kelvin Davis…

New US Ambassador to Australia Obsessed with China


US Ambassador to Australia Arthur Culvahouse Jr. wasted no time at his new diplomatic post to begin strong-arming Canberra into adopting Washington’s confrontational policy vis-à-vis Beijing. A Reuters article published by the South China Morning Post titled, “China using…

More Ill-Informed Blundering by Australia in Foreign Policy


If there were any lingering doubts that Australia actually followed its oft-repeated mantra of being a country that adheres to fundamental principles of law, they were surely dispelled this past week. The Foreign Minister Marise Payne released a statement on the attempted coup…

Why is the US-Japan-Australia-India Format being Revived?


One clearly evident trend in the last year has been a revival of the QUAD Security Dialogue, consisting of four democratic nations: the USA, Japan, Australia and India. There have been a lot of comments on this process, from politicians, political observers and the media, and…

Australia’s Strategic Bubble: Denial in the Face of Changing Geopolitical Realities


The next election in Australia is expected to be held on a date between March and May 2019. If two years of opinion polls are a reliable guide, the Opposition Labour party is expected to win comfortably. It should present an opportunity for a fresh start in Australia’s foreign and defence…

ASEAN Members Caught Between US and China


Several important events have occurred in Southeast Asia very recently, which shed a new light on the evolution and the current state of the conflict between China and the USA. The first aspect worth focusing on is the fact that President Donald Trump did not attend either the East Asia Summit (EAS, based on ASEAN…

Indecisive Victory: How Long Will New Caledonia Remain a French Territory?


New Caledonia is one of the last territories in the Pacific region to remain in France’s possession after decolonization. Over the last decades, the mood for secession has been strong in New Caledonia, and its independence movement has seen some success. The French government is trying to hang…

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