You’ve Heard of the Russian Revolution — Now Look What’s Happening in Zimbabwe!


People all over the world are still fascinated by events in Russia in 1917. Even a cursory glance at this period shows they were momentous times to live in, with history unfolding in front of people seemingly under…

The Role of China in the Fate of Somalia


The current events in Somalia cause even greater concern. Against the background of the severe economic situation and the military confrontation of the many groups, having divided the country into the spheres of influence throughout the…

The Not-so-Minor China Presence in Zimbabwe


Who stands to benefit from the recent military toppling of Mugabe in Zimbabwe? The military and his own party have “convinced” 93-year-old Robert Mugabe to surrender office after 37 years of iron-fisted rule over one of resource-rich Africa’s richest lands. Little discussed is…

Situation in Somalia Threatens Global Security


For the past several decades, the East African State of Somalia has been mentioned in the media mainly in connection with the activities of Somali pirates. However, beginning in 2012, such references have become fewer and fewer due to the anti-piracy activity of international…

The West Faces New Threats: The African Issue


The Strategic Review on Defense and National Security for 2017, published in mid-October by the French Ministry of Defense, says a lot about the current state of international affairs. Firstly, it confirms that the system of international…

Africa’s Pivotal Role in the Successful Implementation of China’s OBOR Vision


Africa has been one of the integrally important regions regarding the successful implementation of China’s ambitious One Belt One Road (OBOR) project. Just as in Eurasia, China is planning to cover this continent…

Moroccan Spring is in Play Now


It’s been over nine months of perpetual protests in the northern region of Morocco known as Rif since the parties seem unable to reach a compromise since neither protesters, nor the government are capable of putting forward a solution that would satisfy all sides…

Russian Nuclear Technology Conquers Africa


Africa is a huge continent with vast resources, most of whose countries have a weakly developed economy. This is a huge potential field of activity for more developed countries wishing to profitably invest money and technology…

African Horizons of the New Silk Road


The New Silk Road project (the NSR) mapped out by China in 2013 envisaged the development of a network of land transport routes originating in China and interconnecting Eurasian countries, thus creating a single Eurasian economic space. A Maritime Silk…

Tunisia Denies Harboring US Drones


Since 2014, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Tunisia, Mongi Hamdi, along with military and political circles of the country have been categorically denying the fact that an American military base has been deployed in the country…

Israel Reinforces its Position in Africa


Relations between the Jewish state and the African continent were first established in the mid-twentieth century after the countries of the African continent gained independence. Golda Meir, who proposed to assist the countries of the Dark Continent…

The Leading Asian States Strengthens Positions in Africa


The African continent once again (as it was in the second half of the 19th century) becomes the object of attention of the world’s leading States. However, the fundamental difference between the present stage of their activity in Africa from…

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