Uganda’s Choice


On January 14, Uganda held presidential and parliamentary elections in which the main struggle was between the current head of state, who has been in power for 34 years and ran for a sixth term, Yoweri Museveni, and reggae singer Robert Kyagulanyi, better known as Bobi Wine. Since independence in 1962, Uganda has suffered many coups, revolts, and civil wars, which have all but evaporated…

Conflict in Central Africa


The Constitutional Court of the Central African Republic announced the results of the presidential elections in the country, which were held within the time frame set by the Constitution of the country – December 27, 2020. The current president remains the head of state. Faustin-Archange Touadéra, who, according to figures announced by the National Electoral Commission on January…

Algeria to Protect its National Interests


Algeria, thanks to its large gas and oil resources, pursues an independent policy, positioning itself as a regional power with its own principles. Its leadership has for decades demonstrated a negative attitude to attempts by other countries to interfere in Algerian politics, or to infringe on the regional interests of the country. Moreover, the very…

All the Votes in the CAR Presidential Election have been Successfully Tallied


Despite provocations from the militants and those supporting them, the authorities in the Central African Republic managed to successfully hold presidential and parliamentary elections on December 27. According to a statement from the CAR National Election Authority, the incumbent president of the Central African Republic…

CAR Elections: the Key to a Peaceful Future and a Test for the Country’s Maturity


On December 27, 2020, the Central African Republic will hold regular elections for president and deputies to the National Assembly. Among the many candidates for the presidency is the current president of the CAR, Faustin-Archange Touadéra, who, according to preliminary estimates, has the greatest chance of victory and the mass support…

Moroccan Patterns in US Policy


Recently, outgoing US President triumphantly announced the news that Morocco and Israel agreed to establish full diplomatic relations. Incidentally, the deal is the fourth agreement to be signed between the Jewish nation-state and a predominantly Arab country in the past several months, before the current US leader’s term comes to an end in January.   A little while earlier…

Where Will the Crisis in Ethiopia Lead?


In Africa, more and more conflicts are moving from previously “sluggish” stages to “hot.” This trend is confirmed by the recent events in Mozambique along with development of Morocco’s situation with the integration of Western Sahara recognized by several states of the world as the territory occupied by Moroccans, the recent attempt of a military coup in Mali…

Radical Islamists are Terrorizing Mozambique


After attempts made by the terrorist group DAESH (banned in the Russian Federation – Ed.) to gain a foothold in the Middle East failed, that group began to establish branches throughout the world, including on the African continent. Consequently, in a very short time frame DAESH, taking advantage of the social ills experienced by the planet’s poorest…

Africa: the Problems are Tough, but Solvable


Egypt and Sudan have corroborated they will participate in re-established trilateral negotiations with Ethiopia after nearly seven weeks of deadlock – something suggested by the president of the African Union (AU) – concerning the controversial Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) project. Cairo did confirm to Ahram Online that a six-party videoconference…

Sudan: Important Successes Scored Inside the Country


All world news agencies have already reported that in the capital of South Sudan, Juba, the leaders of the country’s armed groups and the Sudanese authorities signed a landmark peace agreement aimed at ending the decades of war that have claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. The country’s expert community and politicians are confident…

The White House is Wrapping Sudan around its Little Finger


In the pre-election throes for the presidency, the White House is actively looking for a possible area of focus to showcase “its successes” to everyone, placing particular emphasis in the international arena in this regard on expanding the list of Arab and Muslim countries that are ready, under Washington’s current mediation, to establish diplomatic relations with Israel…

US Ramps Up its “Battle” for Africa


Recently, in light of its ongoing confrontation with China, the United States has started seeking opportunities to expand its influence in Africa increasingly more actively. Just as other leading world players, Washington has shown interest in the continent because of its natural resources and strategic location, i.e. the main reasons why the US “battle over Africa” is seemingly…

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