Africa and the Collective West after the Start of Russia’s Special Operation in Ukraine


It was not yesterday that the US and EU countries, as well as the famous constellation (which in addition to the US includes the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) started a hybrid war against Russia, including on the African continent. They started it back in 2012, when it became clear that Vladimir Putin was back in charge and that…

US and Europe are Ripping Off All of Africa’s Gas


Following Washington’s Russophobic instructions, European politicians are touring the world in search of free gas to reduce dependence on Russia. And they have identified Africa as the key region in this regard. The countries of the Arab world are less actively considered by the Europeans, understanding that they are not eager, if it is to their disadvantage, to change…

Relations between Russia and African States and the Situation around Ukraine


Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine which began on February 24, 2022, has dramatically changed the global political map like no other military conflict in the 21st century has. It made all of the world powers re-define their attitude to Moscow as one of the major military, political and power poles of today’s world. The western nations which have…

Will Algeria Increase Gas Supplies to Europe?


Algeria is estimated by the EU to be the fifth largest supplier of gas to the EU at around 45 bcm, representing 12% of EU countries’ natural gas needs, but this has fallen since 2016 (when it reached 55 bcm per year). Algeria’s share is far behind that of top-ranking Russia (135.75 bcm in 2020, according to Gazprom).  In addition to LNG (there are a couple of hubs in the PDRA…

A New Phase Against Western Colonialism in Africa?


The support by many African leaders and governments of Moscow’s actions in Ukraine, or at least reluctance to condemn the Russian military special operation, has frankly alarmed the current political elite in the West. Foreign Policy believes that much of this has allegedly to do with the African countries’ devotion to non-alignment, their desire to follow China’s line and reliance…

Egypt Decides to Save Itself from Hunger on its Own


Video reports on national TV channels and the Internet about half-empty supermarket shelves in the US and Western Europe are causing widespread nervousness about the world’s food security prospects. Despite warnings from Moscow, no one in Europe took into account that with the introduction of provocative Russophobic sanctions, designed to cripple the Russian…

Ethiopia: Will the “Humanitarian Truce” Help in Resolving the Situation in Tigray


The Ethiopian government has announced that an “indefinite humanitarian truce will take effect immediately,” they said they hoped to help accelerate delivery of emergency aid to the Tigray region, where hundreds of thousands are starving. Since the war began in the north of the country…

Africa Supports Russia’s Operation in Ukraine and Advocates a Revival of the Non-Aligned Movement


The events in Ukraine and Russia’s actions there are perceived differently around the world. While some countries, under Washington’s onslaught, impose sanctions against Russia overits operation in Ukraine, others are strengthening relations with Moscow, or at least maintaining the status quo…

The G5 Sahel Group – Clearly Just an Illusion


The vast Sahel region, stretching across Africa from Senegal to Sudan, has long been the continent’s powder keg. National governments have been able to secure peace here and as a result millions of citizens in Mali, Niger, Burkina-Faso and the other Sahel nations have been forced from their homes and flee en masse to Europe’s Mediterranean coast or risk being recruited…

Paris Admits it is Unable to Stand up to Militants in Mali as it Withdraws Troops


Spearheaded by Paris and Canada, Europeans recognized the futility of their activities in Mali within the ill-fated anti-terrorist Operation Barkhane that lasted for 9 years since 2014, and on February 17 decided to begin a coordinated military withdrawal from this African country. French president Emmanuel Macron said that after pulling…

France Tries to “Reboot” its Relations with Africa


Against the backdrop of its failing policies in Africa in recent years and barely clutching the presidency of the European Union on rotation basis, France is attempting to “reset” its relations with Africa by strengthening EU ties with the African Union. To this end, in December 2021, while presenting his EU presidency program, France’s president called relations with Africa…

Russia’s Cooperation with Africa Progressively Develops


It is well known that countries of the African continent are mostly poor and need the support of major world powers who in exchange for access to the African nations’ rich natural resources. The US and the PRC are considered the main players vying for influence in Africa these days: media mention them particularly often in relation to international African issues. Other actors…

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