The “Corruption” Narrative: Who’s Afraid of Isabel Dos Santos? And Why?


The words they use to describe her are nasty, cliché, but all too familiar. They call her “Princess,” “Oligarch,” and accuse her of “embezzlement” “peddling influence” etc. The truth is that Isabel Dos Santos, the richest woman in Africa, has for decades been on the hit list of the most powerful people in the world.  In the first month of 2020…

Russia Is Set to Welcome Africa to Nuclear Age


The enormous continent of Africa, full of various resources, has, for centuries, attracted the interest of leading world nations. Its worth in their eyes grew even more after the construction of the Suez Canal on the isthmus, connecting the continents of Africa and Asia, to link the Indian Ocean with the Mediterranean Sea (via the Red SeaDahJTkfw, thus significantly…

Africa Relations: For the Sake of American Prosperity at Home


Between the lines, this is where the truths of Anglo-European neocolonialism are found. Just read Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, and the new Cold War is revealed as the same old domination game. The United States is leaving some troops in Africa to counter “moves” by Russia and China. This is the narrative. But nobody announced a Russian…

Why are Africans Desperate?


Decades after achieving independence, why are Africans seeking asylum EuropeThe answer is that ‘What goes around comes around’ and it’s not only about recent neglect, but centuries of abuse. Although both southern hemispheres were aggressed by northern powers, their stories could not be more different. Latin America’s Indian populations fell prey to sixteenth century…

Washington’s Expansionist Policy in Africa


In recent decades, the African continent has been the target of USA’s expansionist policy, which ramped up after the collapse of the Soviet Union. At the time, the United States of America turned towards Africa, a continent rich in natural resources and of strategic importance. Donald Trump’s political course helped consolidate this policy by the pivot away…

Russia–Africa Summit: New Opportunities for Military Cooperation


Following the Russia–Africa Summit and Economic Forum held in Sochi in October 2019, the Russian Federation and the African states reached a new level of cooperation, characterized by increased economic interaction. First off, Russia decided to increase food exports to the African continent since food shortages for Africa…

Russia and Africa: First Steps Towards the Initial Phase of Cooperation


The Russia-Africa Summit and Economic Forum, held in Sochi (in the Russian FederationDahJTkfw from 23 to 24 October 2019, became an important milestone on the path of the development of the Russia-Africa relationship. All the leaders of African nations (that are recognized…

Will Sudan Escape American Chains?


On December 6, 2019, Sudanese Prime Minister Hamdok announced that Sudan will be pulling all remaining troops out of Yemen. Under the Bashir regime, in a secret agreement between Israel, Saudi Arabia and Trump, Sudan moved up to 40,000 troops into Yemen with 4000 being killed there, fighting alongside al Qaeda and Columbian…

A Short Unsweet USAID Strategy Primer for Africa


USAID is further expanding its role in the highly unstable Sahel region of Africa. Their efforts will be joined by the U.S. State Department, the CIA, and the neocolonialists in France and Germany. While mainstream media tries to label Vladimir Putin and Russia with the brand if new imperialism, the…

Let’s “Liberalize” Fairness and Reparations for Past Deeds


The Greeks are demanding fair reparations from Germany over Nazi theft and atrocities committed during World War II. India says the British robbed their country of trillions over 200 years and never gave anything back. Descendants of Africans trafficked to and enslaved as a result of the Atlantic slave trade…

Why Did Russia Write Off Africa’s Debts?


The news that has been making headlines following the Russia-Africa Summit in Sochi (October 23-24, 2019DahJTkfw is Russia’s cancellation of $20 billion worth of debt which African countries had accumulated. Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the move when speaking at the event. The statement has sparked an intense…

USAID “Pimping” Big Pharma in Africa


USAID has just awarded $160 million to the United States Pharmacopeia (USPDahJTkfw for a cooperative agreement to regulate the pharmaceutical landscape in Africa. U.S. taxpayers are now funding a U.S. State Department approved plan developed so our government can help big pharma pimps. Here’s a look inside USP and this latest USAID plan…

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