Ethiopia: How to Resolve the Thorny Tigray Issue?


The beginning of September is usually a holiday, the commencement of the school year in many countries of the world, when youth sit down to their textbooks to become full citizens of their societies. But this time said holiday was overshadowed in Ethiopia.  According to the Tigray rebels, Ethiopian and Eritrean forces launched a “massive…

The Widening Gap between Rich and Poor is Hastening the Transition to a Multipolar World


According to the charity Oxfam, which fights against poverty throughout the world, the ten wealthiest people in the world have seen their combined assets double in the last two years, from $700 billion to $1.5 trillion. In its briefing on inequality, Oxfam points out that “central banks pumped trillions of dollars into financial…

The West Gives Lip Service to Fighting Hunger


Although the energy crisis and the impoverishment of Europe’s population due to the Russophobic sanctions policy of European leaders have been the main themes of the Western media in recent weeks, articles on the fight against hunger nevertheless continue to appear. Above all, media publications are discussing the consequences of the Istanbul…

Washington’s Africa Strategy Seeks to Counter Russia and China


Geopolitical competition has no limits. This is especially the case when superpowers with global ambitions compete. As long as the competition is fair, it could drive development (although it might still have its socio-political and economic discontents). But when competition itself is projected as a phobia, it becomes more…

The Symbolism of the “Warm” Reception Macron Faced in Algeria


Africa as a whole and its northern and western parts especially have recently been turned into a political Mecca. Caravans of representatives of the ruling European political elite would head there in a bid to find a way out of the energy crisis unleashed by the US and the EU upon the world. This crisis came into fruition

Mali Presents the UN with Evidence of French Support of Terrorists


Recently, Radio RFI has announced that Malian authorities made accusations against France, citing a letter of Mali’s Foreign Minister Abdoulaye Diop, that alleged that Paris was supplying terrorists with weapons and called for the convening of an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council. In his August 15 letter, Abdoulaye Diop…

Russia is a Reliable Partner for Mali in All the Important Areas


The recent successful tour of African countries by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov visiting Egypt, Ethiopia, Uganda and Congo, as well as the conclusion of important strategic agreements by Russia with several African countries, have had a strong resonance in the international community. Among Western leaders, these developments have caused great concern…

Ethiopia: the Hard Road to Peace


There has been a lot of talk about peace in Ethiopia lately, and, according to many international observers, this is a truly new trend in domestic politics. But at the same time, there is a long and winding road ahead before the country can see the end of hostilities, famine and delayed state collapse.  For six months, the war between the federal government in Addis Ababa and the Tigray region…

Regular Scandals with the Blue Helmets in Africa Are a Sign of their Failure


Unfortunately, protests against the Blue Helmets in Africa discrediting the UN peacekeeping activities are becoming a common occurrence. Thus, during the meeting of the 76th session of the UN General Assembly, the Central African Republic once again raised the question of the efficiency of the Blue Helmets’ presence…

Lavrov, Macron, Blinken and Africa


From July 23 to 27, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov visited Egypt, the Republic of Congo – Brazzaville, Uganda and Ethiopia. During these visits, which covered the Northern, Eastern and Central Africa, he was received by the heads of these States, Prime Ministers and Foreign Ministers. The special significance of this visit was due to the fact that it took place…

France is Rapidly Losing Influence in Africa


France has never taken into account the interests of the African nations, and now, as a result of its aggressive neo-colonial policies, this former imperial power is seeing a rapid decline in its influence not only in its former colonies but across the continent. In fact, France is increasingly being viewed both in these countries and in the continent as a whole as a destabilizing…

Africa is Waiting


Over the last few days, a number of interesting but apparently unrelated events have occurred which are, in fact, a sign of important changes in international relations. July 21 saw the publication of an Order of the President of the Russian Federation: “On the organizing committee responsible for the preparations for and holding of the second Russia-Africa summit in 2023, and other events held…

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