CAR is Fighting against Both the Domestic and Foreign Enemies

For four centuries African nations suffered from the evils of the slave trade, until, in the mid-19th Century Europeans discontinued…

Where is the Escalation of the Conflict between Algeria and Morocco Leading?


Relations between Algeria and Morocco have been tense for decades, with the border between the countries closed since 1994. One of the reasons for the tensions is disagreement over Western Sahara: Algeria has supported the Polisario Front for decades insisting on the establishment of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic…

Ethiopia at a Crossroads: Civil War or Peaceful Settlement?


The government of Ethiopia has declared a state of emergency in the country, as the rebel forces of Tigray threaten to attack the capital, and the war that has been going on for a year is rapidly escalating and brings more and more troubles and misfortunes to Ethiopians. The United States has stated that the danger has “significantly worsened” and has recalled all of its…

Biden and COP 26


It is better to produce an article on the outcome of the UN’s COP26 climate summit now, whilst it is still taking place in Glasgow, as by the time it ends on 12 November my predictions will stand in retrospect. But the first question to ask is, what is it? Why are these summits being held, other than to make world leaders feel important, and give them the opportunity to do side deals which have nothing to do…

Disastrous Сlimate Сonsequences for Africa and the Glasgow Conference


Recently, various media reports on the manifestation of climate change in the world have become more and more like battlefield reports. These changes are affecting rich countries as well as poorer ones. Climate change in Africa is a growing threat to Africans as Africa is one of the most vulnerable continents to climate change.  According…

It’s World War III Already – And Humanity Is Losing


We are at war here on Earth. World War III has been going on under our noses. Or, perhaps World War 2 never even ended? I wonder, has anyone else ever considered these ideas? Looking at the narratives of modern detente, one can easily conclude we will never have peace. It’s time the people of Earth reassess where it is (exactly) we want this planet to become. I was reading…

Allegations against Blue Helmets in the CAR are on the Rise!


During the 76th session of the UN General Assembly, the Central African Republic once again questioned the ineffectiveness of the Blue Helmets in the country, repeated accusations of staff members of the multidisciplinary, international mission in the CAR (MINUSCA) of pandering to radicals and other crimes against…

Africa, Raped by a “Humanitarian Mission”


Recently, the activities of humanitarian and peacekeeping missions on the African continent have increasingly begun to appear in scandalous chronicles in various media outlets. These are numerous crimes of various kinds committed by the Blue Helmets in the Central African Republic (CAR). On September 30, the Ethiopian authorities declared…

Erdogan Reinforces Turkish Expansion in Africa


With the sharp decline of Western influence in Africa in recent decades, a new and quite influential player — Turkey — has become significantly stronger on this continent. Turkey’s current relationship with Africa is only 20 years old. According to some reports, as early as the late 1980s, a group of Turkish diplomats working on the African continent developed a strategy to “open Africa…

Criticism of France’s Neo-colonial Policies in Africa is on the Rise


The Africa-France Summit was held in Montpellier, France, on  October 8, and for the first time since 1973 no African heads of state themselves were invited to the summit. Instead, Paris’s current relations with African states were discussed with businessmen, artists, and social activists. As a result, the summit organizers did not…

Has Macron Closed Algeria’s Skies for France?


Emmanuel Macron, the eighth president of France, during his four and a half years in the Elysee Palace has shown himself to be a very active politician, and sometimes even very controversial as are his numerous public speeches. After becoming President of France, Macron refused the annual traditional interview on the day of the national holiday, July 14. As Le Monde…

France and Britain Cling on Jealously in their Former Colonies


In the general debate at the 76th session of the UN General Assembly, Sergey Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister, pointed out that certain western countries are increasingly riding roughshod over peoples’ right to self-determination, if such right conflicts with their geopolitical interests. He reminded the Assembly that “in spite of UN resolutions…

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