Economists Will Still Murder Black People

Economists will argue for evermore about the best and most effective way to organise a monetary system, both locally and…

More on the Consequences of the Incident in Ladakh

The incident that occurred on the night of 16 June in one of the mountain regions along the China-India (quasi)…

Changing Balance of Power in Libya

Recently, there has been an increasing number of reports on the changing balance of power in Libya not only concerning…

The Tremendous but ‘Secret’ Success of Socialist Vietnam

Some twenty years ago, when I moved to Hanoi, the city was bleak, grey, covered by smog. The war had…

Washington's War on Huawei Continues

For Washington, Chinese telecommunication giant Huawei presents a nearly unsolvable problem. We can draw this conclusion by looking at how…

Current Situation in South China Sea and Vietnam’s Policy

“We see that, with the changing world order, the rivalry between the current centers of power continues to intensify and…

Will the ‘Liar and Thief’ Be Brought Down by a Russian Hoax?


July 4, 2020, Independence Day in the United States, saw something that hasn’t happened in the US before, the American military turn on a sitting president. The accusations were something new as well, equating Donald Trump with infamous American traitor, Benedict Arnold, the turncoat that gave the British the vital…

Australian Defence Policy Locked in Counter-Productive Mythology


One of the great geopolitical fallacies common throughout much of the western world is the belief that circumstances as they are now are as they have always been and how they will continue to remain. Any student of history (and they are a dwindling band because of modern curriculum emphasis on relevance knows…

On the Problems with Japan’s Course of Movement “Toward the Southwest”


In the strategic game that is playing out in the area around the Indian and Pacific Oceans, the presence of Japan is growing more prominent. The nature of this presence is reflected in both the aspect of Japan re-establishing itself as a leading world power and the swift transformation of the political puzzle taking shape here. Back…

In the Next Big Power Rivalry, Turkey Stands pro-US


As I pointed out in one of my previous pieces for NEO, a cardinal purpose that the US wants to achieve through bashing China and casting it as an inherent enemy is division of the world into blocs, creating a chain of ‘trusted partners’ and establishing a ‘network of economic prosperity’ under its own domination. Such a policy by the US…

South Korea Trapped between China and US


Tensions between the United States and the PRC keep rising. In fact, the confrontation is starting to resemble a “new Cold War”. The relationship appears to have reached a turning point on May 20, 2020, when the White House delivered a report, “United States Strategic Approach to the People’s Republic of China”, to members of Congress. A substantial portion…

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