Putin and Biden May Meet in Yalta


Even though Joe Biden did cross the “red line” and defied basic decency by calling Russia’s president Vladimir Putin a “soulless killer” in his March interview, where he threatened Russia with a number of hostile steps, less than a week later Putin offered his American counterpart to hold direct televised talks on air. “I want to invite President Biden to continue our discussions…

The Role of the Red Sea in World Politics


The Red Sea is steadily growing in importance as a nexus of geopolitical competition, which at the same time poses security challenges for the countries of the region. The lack of a clear consensus on the rules of competition between international and regional powers has only intensified the frantic race by both state and non-state actors for natural resources and spheres…

The Unexpected Ruling of the Seoul Court

The issue of the lawsuits that South Korea is bringing against Japan has a long history.  When Japan and the…

ASEAN Trying to Resolve the Situation in Myanmar

On April 24 this year, in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, a special meeting of the presidents and heads of…

The Beginning of Normalization of Israel’s Relations with the Arab World

Since the end of 2020, four Middle Eastern countries — the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, Morocco and Sudan —…

Saudi Arabia and Iran Prepare for a Breakthrough in their Relations.


Information of secret negotiations between Saudi Arabia and Iran in Baghdad has already appeared in the media. This situation was clarified after a sensational statement announced by the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman who recently said,  “Saudi Arabia wants Iran to prosper and is ready…

Happy Victory Day!

Dear readers and authors, We want to full-heartedly congratulate you on the 76th anniversary of the great victory of the…

US Troops Trying to Break Through from Afghanistan into Central Asia


As the evacuation of NATO’s coalition troops, deployed in Afghanistan for the past 20 years, begins, a highly serious and still unresolved issue for the United States is where these armed forces and their weapons and military equipment will be withdrawn to. Some media outlets have already heard from a senior…

Armenian Genocide Recognition, Game Changer and Threat to NATO’s Continued Existence


With Turkey in tatters, Joe Biden has added insult to injury with the Armenian Genocide recognition, a campaign promise he has now kept. A few weeks ago, Turkey’s currency lost 17% in one day, and COVID is at its highest peak there. It goes without saying that the Turkish leadership is facing disaster, both…

US Encirclement of China: A Progress Report


Tensions between Washington and Beijing are not merely the recent results of former US President Donald Trump’s time in office – but rather just the latest chapter in US efforts to contain China that stretch back decades. Indeed, US foreign policy has for decades admittedly aimed at encircling and containing China’s rise and maintaining primacy over the Indo-Pacific…

Don’t Hold Out Hope: A Biden-Putin Meetup May Not Change Much


I can imagine the upcoming meeting between US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin. The meetup will probably be held somewhere in Europe. It seems logical to assume the sit-down will start with something like, “Okay, we both hate each other’s guts. So, what kind of deal can we hash out that will satisfy all concerned…

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