Treaty Busters, Why Russia’s Doomsday Weapons May Save Us All

A generation of secret weapons exist, some deployed, some in varying stages of development. Remember the 1964 film, Fail Safe?…

From Legos to Rockets: Technology is Disrupting Western Monopolies

At first glance the Danish toy company Lego doesn't seem to have much to do with paradigm shifts in technology.…

Regular ASEAN Summits and Prospects for Proposed RCEP Free Trade Agreement

The fate of the ASEAN Plus Six project has become a key issue at the annual ASEAN summits, the latest…

BC: The French 9/11: Reasons and Lessons

BC stands for NEO’s Banned Classic. This article was originally published by our journal on 14.11.15. For some reason, this article is…

Israel’s Political Soap Opera Stains Rabin Assassination Memorial

After drifting for weeks in dead end attempts to form a new government, the Israeli political drama sunk to an…

Yemen: A Beleaguered Saudia Opting for a ‘Political Solution’?


While originally a war waged by a Saudi-led coalition against the Houthis, Yemen quickly turned into a war being fought as much between the Houthis and the coalition as within the coalition itself, particularly between Saudi Arabi and the UAE. Mutually conflicting interests within the coalition rather than the alleged Iranian support for the Houthis were…

USA Bolsters Anti-Chinese Efforts in the Indo-Pacific


In response to China’s increasing political and economic clout in the region of South Asia, Washington has intensified its efforts to promote its concept of the free and open Indo-Pacific. Donald Trump’s administration has borrowed this expression from Prime Minister of Japan Shinzō Abe, who described his vision for the Indo…

BC: The American Shakedown


The American shake down of its allies continues as President Trump and his Defence Minister, James Mattis attend the NATO summit in Brussels on July 11. The Americans are once again complaining that their allies in the NATO war machine don’t contribute enough to NATO, meaning the US, to fight America’s wars. Trump is really saying in so many words…

CSTO Strengthens Military Brotherhood


Challenges and threats facing the world today, first and foremost linked with international terrorism, are forcing all the nations to increasingly concern themselves with issues of security and military cooperation with their partners. Countries in South Asia and the Middle East where international terrorist units are particularly active pose an immediate and direct…

Abandoning Jakarta, Moving Capital to Borneo – Cynicism, Corruption, Murder


It is wrong, totally wrong to abandon Jakarta and try to build some Potemkin village in the middle of Borneo, an island known in Indonesia as Kalimantan. There are many reasons why, and we will be addressing at least some of them here. But before we begin, let us state the obvious: the cowardly and…

US is the Source of, Not "Solution" to Syrian War


After the supposed US “withdrawal” from Syria – Western media outlets have causally reported on US troops now preparing to occupy Syria’s oilfields east of the Euphrates River. Articles include carefully selected “experts” who avoid any mention of how illegal or indefensible the presence of US forces in Syria is to begin with, let alone any mention of “why” US…

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