Is the Ghost of a Murdered Official Stalking the Former President of the ROK?

The audience may remember the high-profile scandal in inter-Korean relations in which “Kim Jong-un apologized for the death of a…

US Prepares to Oust Erdoğan

After Recep Tayyip Erdoğan officially announced his intention to run in the upcoming 2023 presidential elections in Turkey, the current…

Moon Jae-in's Under Siege

On May 10, Moon Jae-in, who has completed his five-year term as president, left for his small homeland in Yangsan…

Where Next For Pakistan?

Whilst a few other things have been going on in the world, Pakistan has been going through political turmoil which…

A Few Words about Sexism - Japan’s Experience

In the current stage of the Great Game - the global geopolitical power struggle in which the contestants are behaving…

Washington Splits Asia in Two


The modern world is torn by contradictions: the US and its allies, accustomed to global domination, seek to maintain and expand their position at the expense of the interests of other countries, leading to crises and conflicts. In the Middle East, wars have been raging for decades, and in Europe, fighting has broken out in Ukraine. Peace has so far prevailed in East Asia, but the situation in the region…

NATO Blockades Kaliningrad


With the success of Russia’s operations in Ukraine, we have to be concerned about NATO reacting to their strategic defeat by shifting their aggression not only to intense economic and propaganda warfare against Russia but also against Russia’s position in the Baltic region. The blockade imposed on Kaliningrad on June 20th by Lithuania, a NATO member, and approved by the European…

Africa in the Light of SPIEF 2022


Moscow has in recent years been increasingly developing its cooperation with Africa in all directions. The current world situation has prompted the search for new opportunities for direct trade and economic ties, and for many years now SPIEF has been one of the platforms for communication between various states and businesses. It is…

Ukraine is a Terrorist Entity like al-Qaeda and ISIS


The current Kiev regime can hardly be called a “state” even with certain reservations. Just like the notorious terrorist groups banned in Russia and in many countries around the world, such as Al-Qaeda or ISIS – Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. The behavior of the Kiev authorities is typically terrorist: terror against civilians, fighting under cover of civilians…

The West’s War in Ukraine is a War against Russia


As recent events surrounding the ongoing conflict in Ukraine have shown unambiguously – and quite convincingly – the West’s so-called ‘war effort’ in Ukraine is less about defending Ukraine and more about what some Western pundits call “erasing” Russia as a power capable of wielding influence at the global level. The war, in simple words, is aimed at causing…

Shangri-La Dialogue on the Issues of International Security


A new (19th) Shangri-La Dialogue was held in Singapore on June 10-12 to discuss regional security issues. It was initiated and co-organized by the London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies, which is rightly seen as one of the world’s most respected “think tanks” specializing in research on a wide range of issues summarized by the Institute’s name. Its most famous…

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