Western “Democrats” Try to Chain Turkey Up

Recent events around the world increasingly confirm the belief that the so-called “American-style democracy” is a bubble, using which Washington,…

On the Current Situation in Pakistan

The topic of political developments in and around Pakistan (remember, a de facto nuclear power!) was left in a state…

Washington Intensifies the Fight for Jordan

The Arab world is actively under reconstruction due to the influence of tectonic political shifts not in favor of the…

Arabs Look for Ways Out of the Crisis

At the end of August, Egypt’s central newspaper Al-Ahram published a major article about the turmoil and confusion in which…

The Factor of the Unification Church in Japan’s Current Domestic and Foreign Policies

This magazine has already discussed Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s radical reshuffling of his cabinet on August 10 this year…

Yoon Suk-yeol: A U-Turn to Nuclear Power


One area where the difference in strategy between the old and new presidents is particularly evident is the attitude towards the role of nuclear power.

It should be recalled that the Moon administration, under the guise of a green agenda, attempted to destroy the country’s nuclear power industry…

Iran: What is the Future of the Nuclear Deal?


While many around the world hoped for a positive reaction from the United States to Iran’s latest response, the European trio at the talks in Vienna (E3 – the UK, Germany, France) have separately issued a statement that could undo all the positive results of a year of painstaking negotiations. After Tehran responded to an American text submitted through the European Union…

The Orientation of World Political Power Moves Inexorably Eastward


Vladivostok recently hosted the Eurasian Economic Forum where it was addressed by Russia’s president Vladimir Putin. Vladivostok itself is an important centre of development in the Russian Far East and therefore appropriate as the host of the conference whose theme centred on the “path to a multipolar world.” The conference…

PRC-ROK Relations from the End of 2021; the Economic Aspect


The Chinese market, including Hong Kong, accounts for 33% of Korea’s total trade, but several distinct trends can be identified in the two countries’ economic relations. The first trend is the development of economic cooperation in several areas. For example, on December 22, 2021 South Korea’s SK Hynix received Chinese approval to buy Intel’s NAND…

Who is to Blame for the Escalation of the Situation on the Border between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan?


Another shooting occurred which preceded a breakout of the conflict on the Tajik-Kyrgyz border on September 14. According to information from the Kyrgyz Border Service, Tajik military forces used civilians as human shields during the armed incident on the border, as well as MLRS and aircraft…

Iran’s Membership in the SCO Only Strengthens It


The irreversible fundamental changes that have recently emerged in world politics and economics make the growing role of the new centers of power increasingly clear. They interact with each other based on the universally recognized principles of the primacy of international law and the Charter of the UN, to ensure equal and indivisible security, respect for mutual…

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