“Gone with the Wind” Returns with Vengeance and Insight!


It is bad enough that the media can no longer to be trusted, and worse that there are few alternative choices to turn to for reliable information that is free from spin. The audio recording group I’ve been associated with recently posted a solidarity message in support of Black Lives Matter (BLM) and against police brutality. America is rediscovering values…

Our Planet Missed Opportunity to Fight side-by-side against the Pandemic!


It is time to stop irresponsible finger-pointing. All over the world, as this essay is being written, well over 17 million COVID-19 cases have been reported, and 676,000 people died. And instead of concentrating on serious research, trying to save human lives and attempting to stop the global calamity, ‘residents’ of the White House…

Is the Coronavirus in North Korea, and if so, How?


On July 26, 2020, North Korea reported for the first time a case of a person suspected of having COVID-19. According to the Korean Central News Agency, a person with suspected virus symptoms “illegally crossed” the border of the DPRK on July 19. He was detected in Kaesong City, which is located close to the border with South Korea. His tests showed an inconclusive…

Kurds Rebuild Ties with Washington to Even the Score with Ankara and Damascus


The cultural identity of the Middle East where peoples lived for century without statehood has given the Kurds a particularly strong incentive to carry on their struggle for independence over the last few decades, and American political strategists have taken full advantage of this. That is why the Kurds have been designated…

Vietnam – Entire Country Mobilized to Save People from COVID-19


When I used to grow up in a socialist Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union, we were told that even if one single human life was endangered, the entire country had to stop and fight for his or her survival. That is how we were raised. That was our culture, or call it the foundation of our worldview. I remember, once there was an explosion…

Operation Legend: America’s Own Putsch


A great many analysts and journalists are dancing around the issue of Donald Trump’s visions of fascist grandeur these days. Americans put in office a greedy and self immersed billionaire to save the nation from a woman of even scarier character. And now the American people are about to come under military rule. The federal crackdown…

UK in the Midst of a Full-Blown Existential Crisis


Based on news reports and political commentary in the UK, at present, the country is experiencing a full-blown crisis, and it remains unclear how it plans to resolve it. The outcome of negotiations on the future EU-UK relationship after Britain exited the European Union is uncertain. It is possible that a deal will not be reached or, on the contrary, UK’s “wise…

Twitter Bans “QAnon,” But Still Protects the Most Dangerous Disinfo


While there are no doubts that the “QAnon” political movement is a purveyor of repeatedly absurd and unfounded claims, “predictions” so inaccurate and consistently wrong that it is difficult to take any of it seriously, Twitter’s move to across-the-board ban not only accounts associated with the movement but any talk of it citing fears…

America Under Total Censorship Lockdown as it Circles the Drain


The United States is under a broad censorship lockdown. News from regional press is blocked from national coverage, stories are crushed, certainly Facebook and Google ban and delist, but now at a level that should be unimaginable. The stories run in two areas, seemingly unrelated, that being BLM protests and the other…

Washington’s Anti-Chinese “Pan-Asian Alliance”


One of Washington’s reoccuring dreams is creating a “pan-Asian alliance” to encircle and contain China’s economic and political rise. Unable to do this through regime change, economic incentives, military alliances, or even coercion and terrorism, it has drawn deeper and deeper from its “soft power” toolkit. The US is also increasingly lumping…

Caesar Act: Protecting or Destroying Syrian ‘Civilians’?


The so-called US “Civilian Protection Act” does everything except “protect” the people of Syria. If anything, it aims, what a draconian law would normally do, to further destroy and strangulate the Syrian economy to make the country’s post-war economic reconstruction and development even more difficult. As the act’s “statement of policy” states…

The US and Britain Building up Infowar via Social Media


Social media has gone viral on the Internet over recent years, not just because it is a convenient software tool for communication but since it also provides an opportunity for social grouping and integration. Thanks to its unification of the masses presenting opinions, and general perspective on current affairs, social media has become the most…

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