Syria: The Last Line of Defense

The war in Syria entered a decisive phase after the Arab League summit held in Doha in March, at which…

Libya two years after the NATO aggression began

The British warship HMS Kent visited the port of Tripoli for the first time in 40 years. It was carrying…

The Situation in Iraq Is Getting Complicated

Once again we see that Washington’s carefully prepared operation to partition the world is having an outcome that the American…

FEMEN — a Weapon of Political Provocateurs

Political activists have recently begun increasingly performing acts that greatly harm public morality in order to create instability in individual…

Pakistani-US Relations and Their role in Maintaining Stability in South and Southwest Asia

The situation in and around Afghanistan has been attracting international attention for quite a few years now. Many observers are…

The Environment as an Instrument of Political Pressure

Extortionists attempting to direct a real fight for nature conservation into a political channel favorable to certain circles are increasingly…

The Role of Political Islam

Arab scholarly circles have become much more interested in the future of political Islam and the role it plays in…

About the “Chemical” Attack in Syria

With US President Barack Obama’s visit to the region in the background, the Syrian opposition using an accusation that Damascus…

The Arab Spring: Power Comes from the Barrel of a Gun

Before we continue our conversation about the links between Islamist extremists and Western government agencies, let us briefly review a…

The Impact of Events in Syria on Russian Muslims

Фото: Sally Morrow
On March 4, 2013, Tatarstan’s capital hosted a meeting of the Kazan Expert Club of the Russian Institute for Strategic…

Iran: The Negotiations Continue

The talks between the P5+1 — the UN Security Council members plus Germany — and the Iranian delegation are scheduled…

Iran: Are New Options Possible?

Some very interesting news about Iran has come out of London. At the talks on the Iranian nuclear problem between…

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