BBC Now Admits: Armed Nazis Led “Revolution” in Kiev, Ukraine

Like the West's support of sectarian terrorists across the Middle East, including Al Qaeda, it has found the most despicable…

The fate of Jews in Ukraine: Where’s the Cavalry?

A recent article in a Jewish online publication had a rather revealing subheading: “Jews in Kiev say the protests were…

The ‘War on Terror’, War Crimes and Violence in Afghanistan

The US led ‘war on terror’ against the so-called ‘global terrorists’, who are simply projected as a vital threat to…

Ukrainian Crisis exposes EU recklessness

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The Federation Council of the Russian Parliament unanimously approved on March 1 the use of the Russian armed forces in…

Will American citizens experience the horrors of a drone war?

President Obama's drone policy is back in the news again, as he is reportedly mulling over killing another American citizen…

Yemen: First Steps towards National Reconciliation

The third anniversary of the revolution was celebrated in Yemen recently, and public demonstrations were held in the capital city…

Colour Revolutions – Opium of the People

Karl Marx said of religion:  Religious suffering is, at one and the same time, the expression of real suffering and…

Bahrain: the Tensions Remain

Almost three years after the mass unrest in Bahrain, the situation in the kingdom has become strained once again. The…

Meet John McCain a Notorious Gun Runner

What name can we give to this spring’s uprising in Ukraine? We can always expect a diversion when the US…

Ukraine: A Dangerous Divide

Mission Accomplished, but this time the battle is only just beginning. The removal of the Yanukovych government in Ukraine and…

DPRK: About dogs, people and hamsters

In early January, disastrous news had been sweeping through the global media: the tyrannical regime in North Korea had yet…

Terrorism threatens to undermine the tourism industry in Egypt

The policy of the Egyptian military leadership, oriented towards full suppression of the Islamist opposition, led by the banned organization…

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