Pakistan: the army and the civil administration – a looming crisis? Part II

The public statement by Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif defending the army’s honor and dignity during a time…

Russia’s “Miracle” in Crimea

The bloodless and efficient, even “miraculous” Russian move into Crimea is now having “second wave” repercussions. Evidence now indicates that…

Pakistan: the army and the civil administration – a looming crisis? Part I

"The Pakistani Army is defending the integrity of all state institutions, preserving its dignity and institutional honor at a time…

“Sweeping All Away To War…”

On 24 April, during a visit to Tokyo, US President Barack Obama declared that his country has an obligation to…

The White House Shakes the World

NEO 30
The White House’s predilection for constantly subjecting the world and nations in various regions to convulsions and disturbances is well…

A Major Split within the Pakistani Taliban

Against the backdrop of controversial negotiations on the possible ceasefire and establishment of peace the Federal Government of Pakistan has…

The Armed Struggle for Syria Does Not Cease

Despite the apparent decline in the activity of the opposing sides in the Syrian conflict (government forces, armed opposition, international…

Unelected Regime Begins Killing Spree in Eastern Ukraine

Deadly clashed broke out as the unelected regime occupying Kiev attempted to restart what it is calling "anti-terror" operations in…

The Folly of Sanitized Cyber War

The debate over the applicability or non-applicability of international law to cyber war and the need for a cyber-specific international…

West Visits Newly Installed Regime in Kiev

The BBC reported in their article, "Ukraine crisis: Biden to meet Kiev leaders in show of support," that:  US Vice-President…

The Crisis In Ukraine As Portrayed In The Arab Media

113 NEO
The volleys of forceful rhetoric unleashed in the West in connection with Russia’s actions in Crimea have not gone unheard…

Saakashvili’s Gang Find Safe Haven in the Ballot Box at Georgian Local Elections

April is the start of local election season in Georgia. In any Georgian election, as the ones scheduled for June,…

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