On South Korean Justice

Continuing to follow the high-profile trials in the Republic of Korea (RK), I would like to draw your attention to…

“Young Turks” Come of Age in Erdogan’s “Digital Coup” – the Crackdown on Twitter

Turkey's Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has just banned Twitter from Turkey because it was revealing too much about corruption…

The “Georgian Dream” Coalition Begins to Fall Apart

New Eastern Outlook - 4 hdvh
Billionaire Bidzina Ivanishvili, not holding any public office in Georgia, continues to play a huge role in the social life…

Ukrainian Events seen through the Lens of Arab Media

In response to the events in Ukraine the Arab media outlets have published a wide array of analytical materials that…

Death of Georgian PM Zurab Zhvania: was it murder?

Very few people in Georgia have ever believed the official version of the death of former Georgian Prime Minister Zurab…

West’s antiquated unipolar world collides with the East’s vision of a multipolar future.

In Reuters' 2007 article, "Putin says Russia threatened by 'Unipolar World'," Russian President Vladimir Putin stated:  "Some people are constantly…

NATO’s “Mystery Gunmen” Seek to Strengthen Kiev Regime’s Hand

In yet another attempt to widen the confrontation between Russia, Crimea, and the Western-backed regime in Kiev, snipers have opened…

Information sabotage of the White House

НВО 21
The White House and its henchmen, in the forms of the U.S. intelligence and the Pentagon, have been using social…

Ukraine Boomerang – Serious Repercussions for the West Now

The West took a major credibility beating today, one inflicted on itself. This hit is going to be one more…

U.S. Army: defenders of peace or criminals? Part 2

Crimes of the U.S. troops in South Korea A similar situation with increasing abuses by U.S. military is developing in…

U.S. Army: defenders of peace or criminals? Part 1

Recently, scattered around the world, the 865 U.S. military bases have become the epicenter of blatant violence, crimes and scandals.…

U.S. drones – a threat to civilian life

On the same day in April of 2013, when at the Boston Marathon terrorists detonated two bombs that killed three…

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