An unprecedented level of anti-Semitism in South Korea?

Similar headlines described reactions to the May issue of the Japanese magazine The Diplomat which contained an article with what…

Baloney on the pitch

In one of our previous articles about North Korea, we mentioned the so-called “Stonefish Rule” which dictates that any crazy…

Pakistan: Challenges in 2014

Military operation in the North Waziristan Agency, June 2014 On June 15, 2014, the Pakistan air force carried out a…

Pies for overtime

A new sensation has been making headlines the world over: “North Korea has banned the South Korean Choco Pie”. Many…

EU Association Agreements – What’s Wrong With Getting Nothing?

On June 27th three former Soviet republics, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, initialled their long-awaited Association Agreements with the European Union.…

Georgia Without Personalities – Two Steps Too Far

The former President of Turkmenistan, Sapurmurat Niyazov or “Turkmenbashi”, installed large photographs of himself in public squares all over the…

The Inquiry Into The “Abducted Japanese”

Having given a historical essay on the development of the problem in previous material, we now proceed to the current…

Rising Hatred for Israeli Crimes: Why John Kerry Spoke of an “Apartheid State”

A recently leaked audio recording of US secretary of state John Kerry reveals him saying that “Israel could become an…

On Iraq Crisis: The Plan to Re-make the Middle East

On June 15, 2014, former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, denied the accusation that the attack on Iraq in 2003…

Georgia: The Switzerland of the Caucasus?

Times may change but some things never do. Whenever a government of a small country has been in power too…

Ahmad Chalabi: The Return Of The “Bad Penny”

An English expression refers to a "bad penny" as someone who keeps turning up and causing trouble no matter how…

Barack and Shinzo Go To War

On July 1st, Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe made a decision to allow the use of its armed forces outside…

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