Poor Hunter Biden, Wrong Place, Wrong Time, Wrong Father!

What goes around comes around, which may explain the perils of Hunter, like the Perils of Pauline – as in…

Iraq May Be on the Verge of a Civil Strife

Regrettably, Iraq is going through one of the most serious political crises since the unjustified aggression of the United States,…

Sex and Violence in the South Korean Army – Investigations are Ongoing

It often happens that, after describing a loud scandal when it only flares up, the author abandons the topic, and…

Welcome to Video – the Fight against Child Pornography in South Korea


In March 2018 a joint task force of law enforcement officers from the USA, UK and South Korea took down Welcome to Video, a South Korean-based child pornography website hosted on the darknet. The seizure of the site was the result of one of the largest operations against child pornography ever launched. According to…

Africa is Waiting


Over the last few days, a number of interesting but apparently unrelated events have occurred which are, in fact, a sign of important changes in international relations. July 21 saw the publication of an Order of the President of the Russian Federation: “On the organizing committee responsible for the preparations for and holding of the second Russia-Africa summit in 2023, and other events held…

Yemen is in the Grip of a Severe Humanitarian Crisis


Several months of truce in Yemen have significantly reduced the number of civilian casualties. Yet, people are still dying from mines, but this figure has decreased by two-thirds compared to previous months. Since 2015, Yemen has been divided between government forces backed by a Saudi-led military coalition and the Houthi rebel group, also known as “Ansar Allah…

The West’s Duplicity in the Food Crisis Caused by the Shortage of Grain


Governments of many countries have recently been talking more and more about a possible food crisis in the near future, actively involving representatives from the UN and other international organizations, and numerous media platforms in this information campaign. Yet, in addition to drawing everyone’s attention to the issue…

Toxicology vs Virology: Rockefeller Institute and the Criminal Polio Fraud


One of the outcomes of the alleged new SARS Covid virus that publicly emerged in 2019 is that the medical specialization of virology has been raised to a stature almost Godlike in the media. Few understand the origins of virology and its elevation into a leading role in today’s medicine practice. For this we need to look at the origins…

New U-turn in Saudi-Turkish Relations


Ahead of US President Joe Biden’s important visit to the Middle East, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has also paid visits to a number of Arab countries and Turkey in a bid to strengthen his position. It was the latter visit that was the most important and significant in the history of the two countries. At least the Saudi media…

Will Moon Jae-in be Successful in his Attempts to Reform the Public Prosecution Service?


On June 27, 2022, South Korea’s Ministry of Justice appealed to the Constitutional Court against the new laws aimed at reforming and, in time, ending the Prosecution Service’s authority to investigate crimes. The Ministry believes that these laws are unconstitutional. This is the latest round in a political struggle which reached its height…

Egypt’s worries about the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam


Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi said his country was pursuing “diplomacy and patience” on the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) issue, although he added firmly that “no one will compromise on Egypt’s water quota.” This rather firm statement by the Egyptian President came after Ethiopia announced plans to unilaterally implement…

If You Listen Closely – You Hear the “Stechschritt” Echoing?


On a dreary summer day in 1944, SS Gruppenführer Baron Otto Wächter and Nazi Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler paced in front of the men of the 14th SS-Volunteer Division “Galicia” they had created. Wächter, who escaped the Nurenburg tribunals via the infamous Catholic Church rat lines, would later die in Italy before he could reach Argentina. The killer…

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