World War II Victims Must Not be Forgotten

It’s hard to underestimate how the events of World War II still affect the world we live in today. Children from…

US Agency for Global Media: the Empire’s Newest Propaganda Arm

My first reaction to learning about the creation of a new government agency, the US Agency for Global Media, was…

Pompeo: New US Policy Authorized Drones Strikes on Russian, Chinese Leaders

NEO COLLAGE - pompeo

President Trump, and not obliquely, has put the assassination of Vladimir Putin “on the table” as part of a new policy, one at direct odds with both American and international law.  This isn’t just a broad policy against those Washington deems enemies, but Russia was specifically listed as a target for highest level assassinations…

More to the Flight 752 Tragedy Than First Appearances Suggest


On 3 January 2020 a drone, believed to be operated by the United States, fired a missile upon a convoy of cars departing Baghdad airport, killing at least nine persons. Amongst the victims was Major General Qassem Solemani, a high ranking Iranian general who at the time of his murder was engaged in what is accurately described as a peace mission. He was carrying documents…

Western ‘Political Correctness’ does Not Make All People Equal


In the West, there is a new wave of political correctness at work: it is all about one’s sexual orientation; who has sex with whom, and how. Suddenly, the mass media in London, Paris and New York is greatly concerned about who has the right to change his or her sex, and who does not want to belong to any ‘traditional’ gender bracket. Thinking about ‘it’, writing about it…

North Korean Workers Return Home. Will Pyongyang Face Insurmountable Problems?


The deadline, established by the United Nations Security Council in December 2017, for ensuring all DPRK workers employed abroad return home was on December 22, 2019. As a result, all North Korean restaurants in Moscow closed down, and up until December 20, the Air Koryo airline had increased the number of flights…

Leaders of the World, Unite!


Ever since Marx and Engels got together almost two hundred years ago to try to protect the people who were building the modern world, largely with their bare hands, the slogan of the Communist Manifesto of 1848, ’Workers of the World, Unite,” has increasingly become reality. Trade unions and other worker organizations have close cross-border relationships…

Brainwashing – A Silly Cold War Propaganda Concept


In the United States, one phrase you cannot avoiding hearing on a regular basis is “This is the greatest country in the world” or “America is the greatest country in the world.” This is repeated constantly on American TV, from American politicians, and from average Americans when giving their assessment of world events. If one inquires of someone who utters the phrase…

US War of Terror Continues: Assassinating Iran’s Top Anti-ISIS General


The US has eagerly taken credit for the killing of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani amid a series of military strikes carried out by US forces across Syria and Iraq. The assassination was shortly followed by Iranian missile strikes aimed at US bases in Iraq. The BBC in its article, “Qasem Soleimani: Strike was to ‘stop…

Expecting the United States to Voluntarily Leave Iraq is Wishful Thinking


In 1990 Iraq, then under the leadership of its President Saddam Hussein was in dispute with its neighbour Kuwait. The Iraqis accused Kuwait of drilling for oil in such a way as to deplete Iraq’s oil reserves. The Iraqis were incensed by what they perceived as theft of their resources and resolved to take action. Saddam Hussein however…

Scientists Call For Ban on Human Gene Editing


Japan has banned gene-edited human embryos and international scientists are increasing the call to ban the highly uncertain and risky practice of gene-editing of human DNA. The growing opposition comes as details of a Chinese biologist’s attempt to gene-edit embryos to resist HIV led to massive criticism of the flawed experiment…

USA’s Short-Term Goal – Iran, and Long-Term One – China?


This article was written during the brief period between Iran’s attack on American military bases in Iraq and the next step yet to be taken by the United States, which may prove just as tough. But since the author of this text is not an expert on either the United States or the Middle East, his aim is not to predict in detail the path the escalation will follow but instead…

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