Park Sang-hak is Making a Mess Again

The time is coming for conservatives, and far-right NGOs are stepping up. They include the Fighters for a Free North…

The Cossacks in Australia and Russia’s Special Operation in Ukraine


For many centuries, the Cossacks have been one of the symbols of Russia and a reliable pillar of the Tsar’s power. During the Russian Civil War (1917-1923), most of the Cossacks supported the White Movement, whose defeat brought the old ways to an end. Supporters of the previous government were forced to either change their political…

The Middle East, the US and the Ukrainian Crisis


For several decades, US policy in the Middle East has been depended on the cooperation of the Gulf states, headed by Saudi Arabia, and on Israel, Egypt, and Turkey. However, since the Obama administration, relations between Washington and the main regional powers have become increasingly strained. Primarily due to the substitution by the United States…

For Just How Long Can You Poke Russia with a Stick?


“It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.” – George Orwell For those of you in tune, it must seem obvious that the liberal world order now has the power to change the number of hours in a day. Those of us who have sought to moderate the worldview of Russia, of Vladimir Putin even, are now only muffled annoyances for the “normal people” who…

The Fraud of Modern Western History


The oligarchs that took control of the United States in the 1880s onward, almost all poorly educated, most mentally unfit and all morally destitute built the mechanisms that made proxy war with Russia possible. Today, we are going to learn the real roots of the CIA and the lie machine that threatens to set mankind on an evolutionary slide. With shocking ease…

Islamophobia and Pan-European Racism Escalate in Sweden


For many centuries racism was part of the ideology of Euro-Atlantic civilization. It was Europe and the United States, where the most terrible racist and Nazi theories were born. An especially remarkable example of this ideology was Hitler’s Nazism, aimed not only at Jews and Gypsies, but also at the Slavic peoples, who were…

Israel Demonstrates its Disregard for Hhuman Rights


Once again Israel demonstrates to the world its utter disregard for human rights. And this is not only in the ongoing airstrikes on Syrian territory and the suburbs of Damascus from Lebanese territory or the Golan Heights, as a result of which Syrian civilians suffer. For example, this April alone, Israel’s F-16 fighter jets carried out another missile strike. On April 9…

On 110th Anniversary of North Korea’s Founder


On April 15, 2022 North Korea will celebrate the main national holiday, the Day of the Sun. This Day is the birthday of Kim Il Sung, the first leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, whose charismatic personality is surrounded by a lot of myths, both red and black. Today’s North Korea and the history of this country largely correlate with Kim Il Sung’s life journey…

Crisis in Ukraine Through the Prism of Middle Eastern Social Media


The Russian special operation in Ukraine continues to resonate prominently on social media in the Middle East region. Local analysts monitor how the Internet views these events and their impact on different areas of life and politics. According to a Moroccan researcher, the picture here is a mosaic, as evidenced by the flood of user…

Ukrainian Refugees in Europe Fall Prey to Criminal Networks


In the last decade, the refugee problem has become the bane of European countries. While 2.4 million asylum applications were submitted mainly from refugees from Syria and Iraq at the peak of the migration crisis in 2015-2016, Ukrainians now dominate the refugee population arriving in Europe, according to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. Out of 4 million…

World Conflicts: What Comes After Racism?


Most of the world’s conflicts take place without anyone noticing, unless you happen to be one of the unfortunates caught up in it. Even when other countries send in troops, the most anyone offers is fine words, and the casualties are accepted as collateral damage, or less than human when they flee to another country from events anyone can see on the news in that…

The End of the Blue House?


The complex of multiple buildings, more known as the Blue House (Korean: Cheongwadae) has been the symbol of the presidential administration of the Republic of Korea similar to the Kremlin in Russia and the White House in the US. Located at the foot of Bukhansan mountain behind the Gyeongbokgung palace, it combined the functions of the presidential office and the residence of the head…

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