Algeria on the Verge of Change

Recent news in the Western and, primarily, the French media about the health of Algeria’s president are being used by…

Preparing for a Change of Government in Qatar

Qatari Emir Hamad is seriously ill and having difficulty performing his duties as head of state. A liposuction operation in…

The Korean Peninsula — is the tension over or is it just a reprieve?

Nine ballistic missiles of various ranges, including the latest Musudan, were removed from the DPRK’s eastern coast. They had been…

Attempts to Derail the Geneva 2 Conference on Syria

Even before Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and US Secretary of State John Kerry met in Paris on May 27…

Russia and Iran: the Importance of Friendly Cooperation

For a variety of objective and subjective reasons, the multi-vectored relations between Russia and Iran have been breaking down in…

Putin’s Visit to Central Asia

Russian President Vladimir Putin made a quick visit to Central Asia. In Astana, he discussed the future of integration with…

The Pressure on Syria Is Growing despite the Agreements between Russia and the United States

On May 27, all of the European Union’s foreign ministers gathered in Brussels, where they decided to lift the embargo…

Why frighten people with Syrian chemical weapons?

Recent statements by senior officials of the United States and other countries concerning Syria’s possible use of chemical weapons against…

Israel, Iran and the Syrian issue

The unsuccessful attempts to overthrow the Assad regime are increasingly moving Israel to center stage, and the footdragging on Syria…

A Syrian Initiative by Some US Senators

A few days ago, US senators from both parties urged the Obama administration to intervene directly in the war in…

Turkey and Israel: no military alliance yet

After the incident three years ago involving the humanitarian flotilla en route to the Gaza Strip, tensions between Turkey and…

A Major New US Provocation in the Persian Gulf

The navies of 41 countries will be conducting a large-scale exercise under US auspices in the Persian Gulf from May…

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