Japan and the lessons of war

These days mark the tragic anniversary of the atomic bombing of the two Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by…

Egyptian Face-Off: Attempts to Avoid Civil War

It seems like the face off between the “Muslim Brotherhood” group and the secular opposition, backed up by the Egyptian…

Russia – South Ossetia: The Strengthening Cooperation

The fifth anniversary of the military conflict of 2008 in South Ossetia is marked by the strengthening bilateral relationships between…

CIA is charged with arming Syrian opposition

On July 23 as a result of prolonged and heated debates in the both houses of the Congress, both the…

On Leaks and Pseudo-Reality: The US’ Futile Search for ‘World Domination’

Those enchanted by pseudo-reality must have been at the edge of their seats as they watched ‘Zero Dark Thirty’, a…

Turkey and the Countries of the Region

Turkey pic
Ideological battles for development form of States in current world political conditions are continuing in the Middle East. The dispute…

Washington’s Arrangements of a Syrian Citadel New Attack


Focused events of the recent days in Egypt displaced in some mode the “Syrian topic” from Western mass media opening pages. Anyway, the situation in Syria still remains rather tense. Against the background of clear-cut victory of the governmental forces over the rebels hold in June, at the moment Asad’s opposition…

What are the United States Supposed to Do in the Middle East?

The Arab spring events of 2011-2012, and mostly the current state of things in Syria and Egypt suggests that United…

Algeria is on the brink of crisis

Фото: Flickr
According to the local press, the head of the Algerian Intelligence and Security Department (ISD) General Mohamed Mediene, the true…

The US Secretary Kerry visited India

India_US_Kerry__systems@deccanmail (1)
International experts monitored the visit of US Secretary of State John Kerry to India at the end of June this…

The Role Non-Governmental Organizations Play in Destroying the Foundations of Statehood

In recent decades, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have begun acting as foreign agents of influence. They have organized “color revolutions” in…

American and Japanese Military Bases on the Phillipine Soil


After more that two decades of absence of any visible interest towards the strategically critical point of the Pacific Ocean – the Philippines, Washington is doing its best to strengthen its influence over this picturesque archipelago. Even though the United States station thousands of troops stationed in a number of countries…

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