The Role that Social and Media Platforms Played in the Events in Kazakhstan


With the rise of cell phones, the Internet, social media, and other forms of electronic communication, the ability to influence public opinions and the social and political life in a country has grown significantly. Furthermore, the speed with which information is made available through social media is unprecedented. Today…

Kazakhstan Chaos: An Opportunity, But for Who?


Kazakhstan has suffered severe nationwide violence allegedly prompted by fuel price concerns. However, it quickly became clear that it was instead actually foreign-sponsored destabilization which was, at best, using legitimate public concerns as cover for attempted regime change. A Russian-led deployment of Collective Security Treaty Organization…

Why is the US Stirring Up Tibet as an ‘Issue’?


More than a mere territorial and ethnic question, Tibet, for the US, is a geo-political opportunity to up the ante against China in Asia and the Indo-Pacific region. The US decision to appoint a ‘special envoy’ for Tibetan ‘issue’ comes at a time when the US’ anti-China rhetoric has persistently failed to drive a wave of countries weaning away from Beijing and rushing towards…

CSTO is a True Defender of the Interests that Regional Players Share


The recent developments in Kazakhstan and the role of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) in assisting that country’s authorities in establishing order and security have particularly brought into sharp focus the importance of this regional interstate organization. The CSTO was established in 2002…

Ethiopia Enjoys a Temporary Lull


Ethiopian troops under the command of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed won a military victory last December when they stopped a group of Tigray rebels from advancing on the country’s capital, which could have led to the overthrow of his government. The Prime Minister wholly appreciated the bravery of his troops. “Ethiopia is proud of your incredible heroism. You made us feel certain…

MTC between India and Russia: A Stable Development Against the Backdrop of New Threats


There has been global confrontation between the US and China for many years. Against this background, the regional confrontation between China and India continues. The two mighty neighboring Asian powers have long been competitors, having territorial issues and vying for influence in neighboring states. Fortunately, the struggle…

China and Russia Lead the Way in a New World Order


These days Russia sits down with the United States, and NATO, to discuss Moscow’s demands (they go beyond proposals) for in effect a new world order in Eastern Europe. The Russian plan envisages a greatly reduced role for NATO on and around its borders. The United States has not yet made any specific proposals in advance of the meeting, although…

What Point has the Development of the Sino-Indian Relations Reached by the End of 2021?


The state of affairs in the direction of China-India of the “Greater Asian Triangle” (China-India-Japan) has no less influence on the development of the situation in the Indo-Pacific region than everything that happens in the China-Japan duo. Moreover, there has been hardly less negativity…

A Chronicle of the Pre-election Race in ROK: Candidates and their Family Problems


One of the most common tactics in Korean politics since the Middle Ages has been to smear a family member. It is understood that political leaders cannot control their relatives and fail to be aware of their bad transgressions. This means that they could be done with his knowledge, or at least cast a shadow on his reputation as a worthy…

Russia and China Turn the Tables on EU amid Western Sanctions


In recent years, the United States and Europe began to actively use unfair competition by announcing all kinds of unilateral sanctions that violate international law in a frantic desire to achieve some advantage over Russia and China. Washington and its Western allies will take any step they can come up with against China, only to worsen…

How Much did the US and its Allies Pay for the Terrorist Violence in Kazakhstan?


It is a well-known fact that Washington has been trying to impose the so-callled American-style democracy upon all countries that are not willing to play ball with the White House and that are not willing to accept its instructions. On this “democratization” path the US has relied on various tactics, that would vary depending…

UN Must Outlaw US Occupation Forces in Syria


In recent months, anti-American sentiments among the Syrians have noticeably intensified in Syria, demanding the withdrawal of the US Army from this country. The growth of these sentiments is due not only to the continuing illegal export of Syrian oil by the United States to Iraq, as regularly reported by the Syrian Arab news agency SANA and from the UN rostrum by the official…

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