The Summit of the “Other” Quad has Taken Place


Readers who take a more or less constant interest in current international politics are probably aware of the existence of an interstate configuration called the Quad, which includes the United States, Japan, India and Australia. Although since its establishment in early 2021, the members of this formation regularly hold meetings of various levels (including…

Biden’s Disastrous Visit to the Middle East


Some time ago, it seemed that there was no more important topic in the United States and the world media controlled by it than the visit of President Joe Biden to the Middle East that had been anticipated and then took place. Well-paid commentators, “pundits and experts” who could hardly find Saudi Arabia on a geographical map and twisted the name of the Saudi…

Recent Developments With Russia and the World Point Inexorably to a New World Order


Last week there was a meeting of Russian President Putin and President Erdogan of Turkey and President Raisi of Iran in Iran’s capital Teheran. Only a short time ago a meeting of these three men, especially in Iran’s capital of Teheran, would have been unthinkable. The meeting was a measure of how much…

Japan Faces Catastrophic Consequences of its anti-Russian Sanctions


While the US and its allies in their Russophobic frenzy are actively discussing tougher anti-Russian sanctions and, in particular, the possibility of limiting the price of Russian oil, the said Western sanctions policy is doing more and more damage to the Western countries themselves. And this is already particularly…

US is Stepping Up its Efforts to Squeeze Russia Out of Armenia


Against the backdrop of the lack of success in creating an opposition stronghold to Russia in Ukraine, the United States has recently taken a number of measures to create a so-called “second front” against Moscow by increasing instability and initiating anti-Russian sentiment in a number of countries that are politically and strategically important to the Russian Federation…

150 Days of War and Deceit


Few understand much about the Ukraine War. The Neocon staged coup in 2014 and the subsequent war, Ukrainian gangsters and NATO against the civilian population of the two regions that refused to accept the NATO takeover, was systematically eradicated from all reporting. Israel has used this same method, broad control of the press while comfortably engaging in decades…

“Return of the Killer Fishermen”: Two More Ghosts are Coming for Moon Jae-in


Hot on the heels of the scandal associated with a murder in the Yellow Sea and another unfolding in connection with it (also tied to the DPRK), the future looks even more unpleasant for Moon Jae-in and his circle. On November 2, 2019, two North Korean sailors in their twenties crossed the maritime border and expressed their intention…

Who is Behind the Terrorist Provocation in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq?


Since July 20, Iraq has been swept by a spontaneous wave of anti-Turkish actions after the night missile strike of the Barakh resort zone in the Zakhu district of the Northern Iraq province of Duhok, a city at the border of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and Turkey. According to the information available, eight tourists were killed…

US is Trying to Drive Erdogan into a Corner – but Without Success


Joe Biden’s administration is currently losing on all its foreign policy fronts, but he is still hoping for success, if nowhere else, in his confrontation with the Turkish leader Recep Erdoğan, so that he can demonstrate to the world and the US public, that there is still some “gunpowder left in the barrel.” This consideration took…

US “Iran Nuclear Deal” Ploy Coming Full Circle


Hopes for the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) simply known as the Iran Nuclear Deal seemed to fade further during US President Joe Biden’s recent trip to Israel where the US and Israeli governments signed a pledge to use force against Iran should it pursue nuclear weapons (weapons both the US and Israel possess). US-based ABC News in…

Revisiting the Chronicles of the Taiwan Issue


In the series of noteworthy events of the past few weeks, the Taiwan issue has once again been marked by the presence of several of its major players. These are primarily the two major world powers, i.e. the PRC and the US. Among the “secondary players” in the Taiwan issue in particular and in the region as a whole, Japan continues to gain weight…

Republic of Korea and the Death of Shinzo Abe


The assassination of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on July 8, 2022 is the first murder of a politician of this rank in the history of post-war Japan. Neither the assassination of Socialist Party leader Inejiro Asanuma, hacked to death by right-wing schoolboy Yamaguchi Otoya in 1960, nor the coup and subsequent suicide of Yukio Mishima in 1970 can be compared to this…

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