A Christmas Gift for the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office


Late 2020 put a decisive end to the confrontation between Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-youl and Justice Minister Choo Mi-ae: season one in this political series ended with a victory for Yoon, but a second season, and perhaps one that is no less exciting, may begin in the new year. For those who have not been following this subject. In July 2019, President Moon…

Israel is Counterattacking Turkey


The measures actively taken by Ankara in its chess gambit at the end of 2020 to rapidly develop and reinforce its relations with Tel Aviv have so far, unfortunately for Turkey, not scored it any victories. The Turkish president himself noted that by the end of December, “the main problem now is the individual people that are present in the relationship with Israel. If there…

Is the US Isolating China? Or Itself?


Washington’s predictable answer to Beijing’s ongoing efforts to uproot US-funded unrest in its Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has been more sanctions. The New York Times in its article, “US Imposes Sanctions on Chinese Officials Over Hong Kong Crackdown,” would report: The United States imposed travel bans and other sanctions on…

The United States has Yet Again become Concerned over a Host of Tibetan Issues


It should be stated right away that the very presence of “Tibetan issues” in contemporary international politics is almost entirely due to those phobias that are whipped up by the United States due to the fact that the PRC is turning into a second global power. Whereas as far as the latter is concerned, there are no significant transnational “Tibetan issues…

Qatar is on the Verge of Scoring New Victories


Saudi Arabia, overtaxing itself in its vain efforts to establish dictatorial control over all the countries on the Arabian Peninsula, has recently moved toward a compromise with Qatar to end a devastating three-year conflict. However, as practice still shows – and many sources close to the negotiations say – a complete resolution remains unattainable, despite the offer…

Gulf Normalisation is not “Arab Unity”


While Saudia Arabia/UAE and Qatar have been successful in bringing their more than 3 years old diplomatic stand-off to an end, and the moment has been called a “big breakthrough”, there is no gainsaying that the ground realities of the Gulf have already changed to an extent where a mere normalization wouldn’t automatically produce the so-called “Arab Unity.” Past three years have…

All the Votes in the CAR Presidential Election have been Successfully Tallied


Despite provocations from the militants and those supporting them, the authorities in the Central African Republic managed to successfully hold presidential and parliamentary elections on December 27. According to a statement from the CAR National Election Authority, the incumbent president of the Central African Republic…

Will Great Britain Face Penalties for its War Crimes?


Against the backdrop of Australia, a member of the British Commonwealth, officially recognizing the war crimes committed by the Australian military inside Afghanistan, the position taken by the UK authorities in London, which continue to hide genuine information on this issue, and are trying to evade responsibility for them. At the same time, the British and US…

A Mistake to Expect Real Change From the Incoming Biden Administration


One of the great illusions being fostered by the victorious Democratic Party in the United States is that with the removal from office of Donald Trump things will return to normal. This is an illusion fostered by the incoming President Joe Biden. It is an illusion for a number of reasons. The first illusion was that the United…

Two-faced Germany is Selling Weapons to Regions where there is Armed Conflict


At the end of 2020 Germany, as its temporary membership in the UN Security Council was drawing to a close, was criticized in this pivotal UN body by Russia and China because of Berlin’s policy in Syria; it was pointed out that Germany and a number of Western countries there are “leaving the Syrian population in the lurch” due to their…

On the “Tiananmen Square Protests”


In December 2020, the Japanese press published classified diplomatic documents that were made in preparation for the 1989 G7 Summit, which took place in Paris on July 14-16. These documents show that already at that time there was a crack in the informal bloc of countries, which is still often referred to by the generalized term The West…

Growing Protests Over Threat of US Bio Weapons


The spread of coronavirus infection in the world has inadvertently forced the leading powers and the UN to open their eyes to many issues and, above all, to comply with the provisions of the international Biological Weapons Convention. Before the coronavirus, Washington consistently ignored statements by official authorities in Russia, China, and the CIS states…

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