South Korea’s Conservative Party – a True People’s Power?


On September 2, 2020, the main opposition force of the Republic of Korea, the conservative United Future Party changed its name. Of the three options proposed to the leadership of the party, the name People’s Power Party (PPP) was chosen.  The new name implies “the power coming from the people, exercised for the people and uniting the people into one whole…

The United States and China in Oceania: the Showdown Is Heating Up


During the modern stage in the geopolitical rivalry among world powers to gain influence in the Asia-Pacific, where it shows up most vividly is in the southern part of the Pacific Ocean: Australia, China, the United States, and Japan are all trying hard to become chummy with the countries in Oceania, but each of those is pursuing…

NATO in Danger of Falling Apart with an Identity Crisis


After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the objective need for NATO to exist vanished. However, instead of dissolving itself, the alliance is strenuously turning Europe into a target for a nuclear strike, wrote Contra Magazin. Already very tired of Anglo-Saxon hegemony, Italy, Germany and France are talking more and more about a potential threat from the United States…

On the Emerging Rival Blocs in the Middle East


If violence begets violence, alliance produces a counter-alliance. The UAE-Bahrain-Israel agreements, called Abraham Accords, marks the beginning of an unholy alliance that aims to bring a decisive shift in the geo-political chessboard of the Middle East, allowing the UAE to increasingly project itself as the new ‘ring leader…

America’s Broken Syria Project


A recent altercation between Russian forces and US occupiers in northeastern Syria helped highlight the increasingly tenuous position Washington holds not only in Syria but across the entire Middle East. After attempting to block Russian military vehicles, US forces found themselves being literally plowed out of the way with overwhelming Russian airpower hovering overhead…

Piracy in the Strait of Malacca: an Age-Old Problem Whose Future Is Unclear


The Strait of Malacca, which runs between the Malay Peninsula (Malacca) and Sumatra, is the most convenient maritime route to take between the Indian and Pacific oceans. From time immemorial, it has held tremendous significance for international trade. Even back in ancient times, ports sprang up on the shores…

What Will a New Prime Minister Bring to Relations between Japan and The Republic of Korea?


On 16 September 2020 Yoshihide Suga, the former Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan, was appointed as the prime minister after Shinzo Abe retired due to chronic health problems.  Suga will head the ruling party until the end of September 2021, meaning until Shinzo Abe’s term of office…

Reaction to the Steps Taken by Washington to Reconcile Israel and the Arabs


Sundown on September 18th marked the start of Rosh Hashanah 5781, the new year according to the Hebrew calendar. According to Jewish tradition, the New Year predetermines people’s fates and the events that take place over the entire following year. Jewish people believe that many important events are associated with…

Even the Active US Propaganda Fails to Uphold Once Formidable Image


US government propaganda has always done its best to convey to Americans and residents of other countries the idea that it is the richest country in the world with an advanced industry, economy and significant, well-equipped armed forces. However, with each new day, more and more residents of the United States and many other…

African Boat Is Vigorously Rocked by External Forces


The African continent, because of its tremendous reserves of mineral resources that are easily accessible and the “Dark Continent’s” strategic location, has been suffering from the impact from external forces for centuries. At first, this was expressed in the form of colonial exploitation by Western powers, and over the past few decades in the predatory policies of foreign transnational…

Is Russia Preparing for ‘First Strike’ from ‘Best Friend Trump’?


Donald Trump has announced he will contest the presidential election if he loses, a bizarre statement from someone who may well have taken on a “life’s work” few might guess. Trump, the virtual “stepchild” of “Red Baiter” Roy Cohn, a man whose hatred of Russia was notorious, may well not be the friend of Russia that so many in the Pentagon…

NATO’s Slow-Motion Blitzkrieg Eastward


When the US announced it would be reducing the number of its troops stationed in Germany many hoped in vain it would be the beginning of an overall reduction of US forces in Europe and a deescalation of tensions between the US, NATO and the Russian Federation. Many others, however, easily predicted these forces would simply be moved elsewhere in Europe…

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