Washington is Caught Up in the Middle East

Even though the US has been seeking to withdraw from the Middle East to relocate its sources to the Indo-Pacific…

The Collapse of the US Submarine Fleet

The submarine fleet has traditionally enjoyed the special favors of the top leaders in the United States. It is even…

Who Can Make an Atom Bomb Faster? Iran or Japan?

Tensions over the proliferation of nuclear weapons have recently increased significantly amid problems with the nuclear deal with Iran, of…

Who Gains From Ethiopia Tigray War?

If you want to know who is likely to be at war, just look at who is given the Nobel…

Biden’s Democracy Summit: America’s Push for World Domination

On December 9 and 10 the American President will host a virtual meeting titled a “Democracy Summit” with participation from…

The Ainu and the Pandemic of Japanese Territorial Claims


Not only has the coronavirus pandemic become worse in Japan lately, but so have the new government’s territorial claims. As soon as Fumio Kishida, Japan’s new Prime Minister, took office in October, he hastened to announce a new round of the land of the rising sun’s territorial claims. As regional media outlets stress, Tokyo has become increasingly…

Erdogan’s Expansion into Africa intensifies


After the Justice and Development Party (AKP) came to power in Turkey in 2002,  became one of the main priorities of Erdogan’s foreign policy. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan does not spend a year without touring Africa: since coming to power in 2002, he has visited 31 African countries, some more than once, notably Algeria, Senegal, Somalia, and South Africa…

Turkey’s Expansion into Central Asia Intensifies


Under the leadership of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, claiming the role of a new regional superpower, Turkey has been increasingly active in recent decades pursuing an independent foreign policy with an attempt to position itself as the key state of the so-called “Afrasia,” that is, as a link between Africa, Asia, and Europe. Recently the Turkish president has been actively trying…

CAR is Fighting against Both the Domestic and Foreign Enemies


For four centuries African nations suffered from the evils of the slave trade, until, in the mid-19th Century Europeans discontinued this commerce, no longer seeing it as profitable. But the decline of the slave trade saw the dawn of another terrible time for Africa – the colonial period. African warriors were unable to resist attacks by European…

Washington Unleashes Biological Warfare in Syria


The US crimes in Syria have already been repeatedly reported by the Western media, the Syrian Arab News Agency SANA, as well as various international organizations. The airstrikes on Syrian cities, which were carried out by the US and the coalition led by them in violation of international law and had disastrous consequences for civilians, were repeatedly brought…

“Marlborough Has Left for the War,” or Would Britain Take Up Arms?


It is no secret that Britain, which has long lost its former imperial image and therefore its own political face, has found itself in the back of the European Union and settled for following instructions from across the ocean. The failed policies, first of all those of Theresa May and now Boris Johnson, have primarily contributed to this. It is not for nothing…

US is Building an Anti-Iranian Alliance, Backed Up by a Propaganda Campaign


At the end of WWII Washington began to establish its Hub-and-Spoke system of alliances between the USA – the “hub” – and its key strategic allies. The system has remained largely unchanged to this day. This alliance system was originally established in response to the Pentagon’s fears that certain Asian countries might leave…

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