The Latest on Japanese Territorial Claim Conflicts

You may remember that debates surrounding the Dokdo islands are paramount in the South Korean-Japanese conflicts. One’s mind drifts back…

United States Adds Fuel to Yemen Conflict

On July 8, the representative of the Ansar Allah armed forces, Brigade General Yahya Saree, during a regular briefing on…

Is the Deterioration of US-China Relations Temporary or Permanent?

The policy that the United States has recently been pursuing towards China would give you the impression that America’s political…

‘Pax’ Americana: Russia and China are not ‘Barbarians’!

A decadent Roman Empire was ultimately brought down by vigorous Germanic tribes, which it viewed as ‘barbarians’. The Pax Americana…

UK’s Stunning Hypocrisy over Hong Kong

Further evidence the UK hides behind "human rights" rather than stands for them was demonstrated when London laced sanctions on…

What We Are Told and Not Told About the South China Sea


If war breaks out between China and the United States, there is a high probability that the precipitating factor will be the South China Sea. The United States is currently running another of its so-called “freedom of navigation” exercises in the region, employing no less than two aircraft carriers, together with their supporting armada of warships…

What Weapons are US Biolabs Testing?


The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has shone the spotlight on the research being conducted within the network of US partner biolabs in many countries of the world, and on the fact that it has not been playing an active role in curbing the spread of COVID-19. And yet, the key goal of USA’s Biological Threat Reduction Program is to “counter and reduce the risk of biological…

Turkey’s Erdogan – From Haga Sophia to the Shores of Tripoli and Beyond


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has clearly decided to launch an offensive on multiple fronts, taking advantage of what he clearly perceives as a geopolitical vacuum. From his recent call to Islamic prayer at the Haga Sophia in Istanbul, to his breaking of the arms embargo to back the Tripoli regime against the advance…

Is there a Way to Avoid an Escalation of Armed Violence in Libya?


According to many observers, the Libyan conflict is nearing its climax due to the number of players it now involves, a turning point which will be nothing short of crossing the Rubicon. Tensions are mounting in Libya today, and not only along the front line where the eastern and western centers of power clash, but also within…

The Battle for Iraq is Intensifying


The political, economic, and overall situation in Iraq continues to decline, forcing not only local authorities, but foreign players in this country torn apart by armed US aggression, to actively search for ways to bring it into at least something resembling order. Discontent among the population at the presence of coalition and, above all others, American forces, which have…

For Arms Sales, the UK Whitewashes Saudia in Yemen


The UK government’s recent decision to whitewash Saudi Arabia’s alleged war crimes in Yemen once again illustrates the absurdity of the claim that democracy and human rights are inseparable. While this claim may have some relevance in the domestic political arenas, it seems to have little to no connection with the dark realities of the international system…

Will a President Biden Become America’s ‘Putin?’


American elections are demonstrations to the world of how democracy can go bad. It is clear and simple. They are ruled by cash, run by ‘cons’ and exist inside a political system that is the most corrupt on earth. American politics matter to the world because, quite simply, when America catches a cold, the world goes on life support. We are…

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