The Exodus from Bulgaria: The EU’s Mexico


Bulgaria is the European Union’s poorest country. A country that was once called the “Silicon Valley of the Eastern Bloc,” is on the verge of social collapse. Bulgarians have been evacuating the country in alarming numbers. Here’s a look at what was once a nation with unlimited potential, transformed into a hopeless mess. The United Nations Population…

Uzbekistan Decided to Join the EAEU


As it’s been demonstrated by the results of the recent meeting of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council (SEEC), which just came to a closure in Yerevan, the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) is expanding the geography of cooperation. On top of Iran and Singapore, that have already joined the EAEU free trade zone, Uzbekistan is planning…

Certain Aspects of Trade Deficit Issue between the US and Japan


A noteworthy event during the current stage of the Global Chess Game occurred when, on 25 September of this year, US President Donald Trump and Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzō Abe signed a US-Japan trade deal on the sidelines of the scheduled United Nations General Assembly. We would like to highlight straight away that this document…

There’s no Escaping ASF for Seoul at This Point


In the second half of September of this year, an epidemic of African swine fever (ASF) seems to have begun in South Korea. Despite the fact that this disease does not pose a risk to humans, it has earned its name (swine fever) for a reason, since a highly pathogenic strain of ASF is 100% fatal. There are no medicines to treat this sickness. And the only…

Will Fed Make Trump A New Herbert Hoover?


Despite proclamations to the contrary, the true state of the US economy is getting more precarious by the day. The Fed policies of Quantitative Easing and Zero Interest Rate Policy (ZIRP) implemented after the 2008 crash, contrary to claims, did little to directly rebuild the real US economy. Instead it funneled trillions to the very…

Russia’s Standing in LNG Market


Hydrocarbon fuels are and will continue to be a primary energy source for some years to come. However, concern for the environment and the need for a more effective use of resources have pushed developed countries to switch from fossil fuels such as coal and oil to natural gas. The latter is considered to be a more environmentally…

How Come Africa is Going to Get as “Democratic” as it Could Possibly Be


At the present juncture, basically nobody would be surprised to hear that military conflicts and political crises revolve around strategic resources and transport corridors. Washington doesn’t make a big secret out of the fact that its foreign policy is driven by its craving for hydrocarbons together with a number of other…

Myanmar Turns to China’s Huawei Despite US Pressure


The Southeast Asian state of Myanmar, despite pressure from Washington, has decided to work with Chinese telecom company Huawei to develop its national 5G communication network. The move by Myanmar is just one among many by the entire region to build ties with China despite extensive efforts by the US and some Western European nations to encircle…

Northeast Passage: From the Past Into the Future


One strategically important project that Russia is currently working on is the Northeast Passage (NEP). NEP is a route along the northern coast of Eurasia (almost all of it is a part of the Russian Federation) that links the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Russia’s research expedition and commercial vessels began sailing in the seas of the Arctic Ocean in the Middle Ages. As…

Is China’s Space Programme Overly Ambitious?


It’s only natural for us, humans to explore the limits of our existence, venturing into the great unknown time and time again. Against this backdrop, it’s hardly surprising that China has recently announced that it’s on the road to becoming a respectable spacefaring nation. It’s rather fascinating that as Apollo…

Climate and the Little Green Women and Men


The Little Green Women and Men (LGWM) are us, humanoids, especially those living in the west, believing we command Mother Earth. Well, no wonder, there is a group among us, who claims to be “God’s Chosen People” – and they act it all the way. So much so, that they and their influence on LGWMs, have almost managed to dominate…

BC: Economic Espionage: The Curse of ‘Soft Spying’


Despite Hollywood romanticizing about Bonds and Bournes, one of the most prevalent forms of modern intelligence activity is also arguably the least emphasized: economic and industrial espionage. Aimed at garnering a financial and innovation advantage for countries seeking greater influence in a highly globalized world, this…

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