Israel and the Logic of Violence in Palestine

Numerous incidents of violence and conflict and consequent news of constructing new habitations constitute the main outline, in the Western…

Implications of CIS Free Trade Zone Expansion in Central Asia

The last week of 2013 saw Uzbekistan - the most populous Central Asian nation - become the latest country to…

Emerging Dynamics of Russia-Pakistan Relations

The US’ decision to effect “pivot” to Asia has also stimulated some major powers of Asia to build their strangleholds…

France and Saudi Arabia: The Union of “Misfits”

Saudi_Arabia_King_Abdullah_speaks_with_French_President_Francois_Hollande_Riyadh_Saudi_Arabia_640_001 (1)
While the international community summarizes the achievements of the year 2013, exerting even further efforts in reducing the risk of…

Russia’s priorities in the East for 21st century

In his annual message to the Federal Assembly for the year 2014 (12.12.2013), President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin…

Algeria rushes into space

While a significant part of the Arab world has been forced to suffer the consequences of the so-called “Arab Spring”…

On the Influence of Urbanization on the Situation in Africa

The rapid urbanization in Africa, taking place in recent years, is essentially a new factor. It presents a danger to…

Saudi Oil: Who Needs It?

Stereotypes live long. One of them is the crucial role of Saudi oil in the world markets. This would be…

Russia’s strategy to strengthen its position in Asia-Pacific Region

After the economic collapse that began in 2008 and soon engulfed the entire world, Russia has made significant adjustments to…

Possible threats to the Sochi Olympics

The new Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Garibashvili confirmed the position of the official Tbilisi on the issue of the…

Iran deploys two bombs against the West

Iran continues development and deployment of two major bombs against the West in what could be the knock out blow…

U.S. Role In Global Drug Trafficking Part 3

Working for the CIA is a difficult and dangerous business. One of the tasks the paladins of the Empire of…

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