Pakistan – India: on the path towards trade liberalization

A breach of the ceasefire in 2013 on the Line of Control (LoC) has caused a recent sharp cooling in…

Guinea: How Much Blood Pays for a Barrel of Oil?

Western Africa Training Cruise 06
Back in 2006 then-US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that the politics of energy…

Fukushima and Israel’s nuclear programme

The series of explosions at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant continues to raise serious concerns in scientific and political communities…

The Thailand Puzzle


It appears that the fight for democracy has been dragging on for years in Thailand. The country has now been in an uproar for two months. The situation is critical and tensions are on the verge of boiling over as the country’s government became paralysed due to the anti-governmen…

Russia-Tajikistan: Bilateral Cooperation

After supporting Emomali Rahmon on the presidential elections of November 2013, Russia seems to be rather determined to provide economical…

USA–China: the last battlefield – bitcoins

In recent years, China has made a transition from a "soft" force to launching a rather rigorous offensive on the…

Israel and the Logic of Violence in Palestine

Numerous incidents of violence and conflict and consequent news of constructing new habitations constitute the main outline, in the Western…

Implications of CIS Free Trade Zone Expansion in Central Asia

The last week of 2013 saw Uzbekistan - the most populous Central Asian nation - become the latest country to…

Emerging Dynamics of Russia-Pakistan Relations

The US’ decision to effect “pivot” to Asia has also stimulated some major powers of Asia to build their strangleholds…

France and Saudi Arabia: The Union of “Misfits”

Saudi_Arabia_King_Abdullah_speaks_with_French_President_Francois_Hollande_Riyadh_Saudi_Arabia_640_001 (1)
While the international community summarizes the achievements of the year 2013, exerting even further efforts in reducing the risk of…

Russia’s priorities in the East for 21st century

In his annual message to the Federal Assembly for the year 2014 (12.12.2013), President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin…

Algeria rushes into space

While a significant part of the Arab world has been forced to suffer the consequences of the so-called “Arab Spring”…

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