China’s Economy in 2013: Preparation for reforms? Part 2

The real estate market and financial sector Foreign analysts tend to believe that these two areas are the most problematic…

Georgia-Ukraine and EU: The Tale of the Wicked Stepmother

Apparently nobody wants to have a real discussion about how the proposed The Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA)…

China’s Economy in 2013: Preparation for reforms? Part 1

On February 24, 2014, China’s State Statistical Office published a detailed report on the economic and social development of the…

Climate Change: A Threat to The Security of The Countries of Sub-Saharan Africa

The topic of climate change is now on everyone’s lips and is considered a priority at the global level, yet…

The Way Frozen Bank Accounts are used by the West

By 2005, thanks to the recommendations of international organizations for combating economic crime, Transparency International and the Financial Action Task…

Climate Change and the “Arab Spring”

The “Arab Spring” forced us to once again re-interpret all the problems facing the Middle East, including ecological issues which,…

Russia, Europe, and the Geopolitics of Energy

From Syria to Sochi, Poland to Pussy Riot, diplomatic and geopolitical conflicts between Russia and the West have come to…

Water Conflicts in Central Asia and Russia’s Position

The inter-state disputes over the nature of trans-boundary water resources, which have not ceased for more than 20 years, represent…

China: “Green Prospects”. Part 3

Global dimension and prospects Current forecasts, for example, of the International Energy Agency (World Energy Outlook, 2013) suggest, among other…

Iran and China: friendly relations based on pragmatism

НВО 14
The U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry noted during a February meeting with the Member of the PRC State Council,…

Iraq: Oil mirages and the reality

The Middle East never ceases to amaze the world and sets tough tasks for politicians and economists. Thus, the latest…

China: “Green Prospects”. Part 2

Restructuring of the Economy and Energy One of the consequences of the above-mentioned industrial breakthrough of China at the beginning…

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