The Iran-US Nuclear Deal: Latent Realities

One of the most remarkable and defining characteristics of the international state system is the making and re-making of alliances…

China and Japan in the Struggle for Regional Leadership

Early in January 2015 bilateral agreements on free trade between Japan and Australia entered into force, while China announced its…

Saudi Arabia: What is the Current Oil Trend?

Oil and its price are perhaps the most discussed topic in the world media today. Economists, experts, politicians, and ordinary…

Now China Blows Kisses to India

No sooner did US President Barack Obama leave New Delhi with many warm hugs from India’s newly elected Prime Minister…

A year after Euro-Maidan, Ukraine coming apart at the seams

It has been a year since protestors descended on Kiev’s Independence Square calling for the ouster of President Victor Yanukovich.…

Europe and the Politics of Russian Gas

The recent announcement of a lucrative new gas contract between Hungary and Russia is certainly beneficial to both countries. Perhaps…

Canada’s Russian Sanctions And The Matrix of Empire

Canada, once again playing the role of court jester to America’s imperial throne, has announced the same set of new…

Ukraine Electricity Emergency Courtesy of Guess Who?

The division of Ukraine since Kiev and Washington launched a civil war in the spring of 2014 against the Russian-speaking…

Chinese ‘Assault’ on the Middle East

Amidst the US led chaos in the Middle East, China continues to expand its geo-economic stretch, exporting a reasonable chunk…

US “Pivot” Sends Asia Fleeing Toward China

When former-US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced the US "pivot to Asia," she and the policy wonks who dreamed…

Monsanto’s Trojan Horse will eat in EU Fields

Monsanto just succeeded in getting a mammoth Trojan Horse inside the European Union. A rotten compromise has just been approved,…

Will Syriza Become the Saviour of the EU?

Everyone is having their say about the Greek elections. Most commentators fall into two camps. For one group, Syriza’s victory…

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