Is Russia Right About US Shale Energy?


In recent remarks to a Pennsylvania shale oil producers’ convention, US President Donald Trump, noting the spectacular growth in shale gas as well as shale oil over the past decade, remarked that unconventional shale energy had made “America the greatest energy superpower in the history of the world…

Russia and South Korea: a Promising Partnership


The Republic of Korea (ROK) is one of Asian Dragons, i.e. the four nations in Asia whose economies, industrial sectors and research and technology spheres developed rapidly during the second half of the 20th century. Once the Cold War ended, the ROK launched its Northern Policy aimed at forging closer ties with North Korea…

BC: Drive to Replace Russian Gas Supplies to EU Intensifies

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The US is intensifying its efforts to replace Russia as one of the EU’s largest energy suppliers, hoping to provide gas from the US itself to Europe, in addition to exploring regional players as possible suppliers. As Sputnik reported in an article titled: US will be Able to Supply Gas to Ukraine in Two Years…

Nord Stream 2 Crosses the Danish Finish Line


‘With a gentleman I am always a gentleman and a half, and with a fraud I try to be a fraud and a half’…Otto von Bismark, Prussian statesman Nord Stream 2 got the green flag from the Danish government to connect with the landing station at Lubmin, Germany. The decision was melodramatic from the Danes, with a route just outside its territorial waters…

China Breaks the Western Debt Stranglehold on the World


The west has colonized, exploited, ravaged and assassinated the people of the Global South for hundreds of years. Up to the mid-20th Century Europe has occupied Africa, and large parts of Asia. In Latin America, though much of the sub-Continent was “freed” from Spain and Portugal in the 19th Century – a new kind of colonization followed…

Pigs are Getting Slaughtered in South Korea


As we continue to monitor the outbreak of African swine fever (ASF) in South Korea, we would like to remind out readers that, as of the morning of 27 September 2019, more than 30,000 pigs in the nation had been deemed at risk of infection and 9 cases of the disease had been reported in less than two weeks. Although ASF does…

China’s Long March to Total Food Security


Earlier this year, China announced adding 5 million more hectares to its 42 million already connected farmland and shooting for 60 million hectares by 2022. This is part of China expanding, modernizing and restructuring its agriculture industry from top to bottom for maximum production and efficiency. With my growing up in a small New England town, the term…

BC: Soros: The European Union is a “Failed” Experiment In “International Governance”


Is the Western elite’s brainchild – the European Union – disintegrating? Due to persistent economic problems, the rise of “popular resentment” across the continent, the political fallout after the illegal coup in Ukraine and the subsequent unpopular economic war on Russia, the EU is on the verge of crumbling. In an…

US Economy: The Tale of Green Paper Rectangles


In his inauguration speech, US President Donald Trump, that’s still standing somehow, announced that America is enriching the world at its own expense. During his time in office, he would repeatedly reiterate this notion, referring to the US trade balance with the EU, China and a bunch of other states. The Trump administration is somehow convinced that if…

Opportunities for LNG Trade between Japan and Russia


Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is currently the most promising type of hydrocarbon product on the market. It became popular as a cleaner alternative to traditional hydrocarbon fuels, as burning natural gas releases less pollution into the atmosphere, and it can be easily transported to any corner of the world in liquefied form, without having to lay a pipeline…

Washington’s “Northern Fantasies”


Previously, the North Pole together with the Arctic Ocean were mostly occupying the attention, aside from a bunch of scientists, of those who enjoyed Andersen’s fairy tale The Snow Queen. However, today those locations, in spite of their relative obscurity, captured the imagination of the White House dwellers, who declared to the world that this vast expanse of land, still…

China’s Hidden Economic Time Bomb


The China government statistical agency just released economic data showing the poorest GDP growth in almost 30 years for China. The problem goes far deeper than recent effects of the US-China trade war or the impact of calamities such as African Swine Fever that have decimated the nation’s pig herds. The underlying far more serious problem is an emerging disaster…

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