Wild Boars Continue to Spread ASF, but How did it Reach the Korean Peninsula?

Earlier, the author believed that South Korea deserved to be commended for its efforts in combating African swine fever (ASF)…

How the Middle Kingdom is Bringing Down the Greatest Empire

Americans need to stop equivocating and admit that China is in a payback situation vis a vis the Western world…

Africa’s Future: The Gravest Untruth Will Tell

There is a 21st-century scramble for the remaining resources of Africa. The Anglo-European scavengers who drained African blood the last…

Why is Trump Drumbeating a ‘New Cold War’ with China?


Whereas Trump’s negative portrayal of China goes back to his 2016 election campaign when he directly called out China, saying “because China’s going bad it’s going to bring us down too”, a number of subsequent US officials documents, policy papers and reviews have left no stone unturned in painting China as a ‘bully’, threatening US interests worldwide. The US…

The Warp Speed Push for Coronavirus Vaccines


The US White House has appointed a coronavirus “Vaccine Czar” from Big Pharma to oversee something dubbed Operation Warp Speed. The goal is to create and produce 300 million doses of a new vaccine to supposedly immunize the entire US population by year-end against COVID-19. To be sure that Big Pharma companies give their all to the medical…

Saying Goodbye to the Dollar


The widening gap between the current state of the US economy and the role of the dollar is nearing a tipping point. As America’s economic power relative to that of other countries and regions is shrinking, this means that the dollar will hold less and less of a privileged position. Until recently, the dollar had such an unrivaled dominance that more than 60% of all foreign exchange reserves in central banks…

Who is Performing Human Experiments and Why?


Countries all over the world have been fighting the coronavirus pandemic for months now, which is exposing a growing number of problems in their systems and the mistakes made by the current political elites that thousands of people on the planet have already paid for with their lives. And the woes caused by the coronavirus pandemic only continue to multiply…

Fiji to become the West’s Foothold in Oceania?


The fact that economies of most of the small island nations in Oceania are not well-developed means that the financial system in the region is not particularly advanced. Some of the countries do not even have their own currency and use that of their more developed neighbors, i.e. Australia, New Zealand and the USA. There are regions with a relatively high standard…

Coronavirus and Dodgy Death Numbers


Not only are the coronavirus models being used by WHO and the most national health agencies based on highly dubious methodologies, and not only are the tests being used of wildly different quality, that only indirectly confirm antibodies of a possible COVID-19 illness. Now the actual designations of deaths related to coronavirus are being revealed to be equally problematic…

Some Outcomes of the Lockdown that was Introduced in India


The impact of SARS COV-2 pandemic on current global processes continues to increase and there is no plateau in sight for now. However, it is important to point out that the outbreak, which is, at present, ravaging communities all over the world and is the focus of everyone’s attention, has had practically…

Criminal Big-Pharma Put in Charge of Covid-19 “Vaccine”


Big-Pharma – guilty of lying, cheating, stealing, bribery, and a history of exposing the public to dangerous and even deadly drugs – is being given billions to develop a Covid-19 “vaccine.” Would you trust your health to these criminals? Coronavirus Disease 2019 or “Covid-19″ hysteria is sweeping the globe – with mass media-induced public…

What does the Future Hold for China’s Belt and Road Initiative?


The world has become all jumbled under the eruption of the coronavirus pandemic. Borders are being closed. National currencies are crashing. Airline flights are being cancelled between countries and regions, as well as domestic auto and rail connections. By and large, people have “fled” to quarantine and self-isolation. It’s too early to speak…

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