Relations Between Three African States Reached a Breaking Point due to Water Disputes

Ethiopia announced that it had completed the second phase of filling its controversial Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) nearly two…

Xi Jinping Visited Tibet Autonomous Region

The trip made by the PRC’s leader Xi Jinping to the country’s Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) on July 21-23 turned…

Russia is Actively Working on an Alternative to the Suez Canal

For economic success, as we know, it is not enough to produce goods. It also needs to be delivered to…

Russia Closes Syrian Skies for Israel

For a long time, Russia and Israel avoided clashes in Syria, where their interests overlap. After Moscow introduced its forces…

The UK’s Grand Experiment, Which Cannot Succeed

When the Soviet Union was invented, the one thing its supporters and opponents agreed on was that it was a…

Morocco Gas Flows are Now Protected by the US Army


In June, the United States and Morocco cooperated in operation African Lion, the largest ever US military exercise conducted on Africa. Somehow, think tanks around the world did not publish analyses or complaints of American hegemony and aggression, though. Russia’s state-run RT did not launch a special series blaming America for all the problems on that continent…

Old and New Scandals Surrounding the South Korean Intelligence Service


The Republic of Korea’s intelligence agency has changed its name and motto several times, but this has not boosted its reputation.  The scandals associated with its previous leadership have not gone away, and new ones have piled on top of those. Let’s start with the old ones, because the “case of trolls in uniform”, and other stories about…

Ethiopia after its Parliamentary Elections that Failed to Resolve Anything


In the midst of an extremely tense political situation, both inside Ethiopia and in terms of tension with its neighbors Sudan and Egypt over its controversial project to build the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, parliamentary elections were held in the country.  This was the sixth general election since the current regime came to power…

Britain's Migration Policy Causes Dissatisfaction


The UK Home Office has recently announced one of the latest attempts by some 430 migrants to cross the English Channel to enter the United Kingdom illegally. For example, a group of 50 people, including women and children, arrived at the shore of Kent County in one boat. Since the beginning of 2021, about 8,000 people on about 345 boats have already entered Britain…

And We Should Trust ‘The Science’ of the Pharma Industry?


The forever-head of the US NIAID, Tony Fauci, has repeatedly demanded that the public “trust the science” as he shifts his own science opinion from one positon to another. What is never mentioned in mainstream media in the West or almost anywhere in the world is the scientific record of the major global vaccine making…

What is the Outcome of Biden's Six-month Reign?


As Joe Biden’s arrival in the White House was accompanied by high hopes, and not only by his supporters, the discussion of the results of the first six months of his administration was the focus of many media and analysts. Thus, CNN notes that the “honeymoon” in power for Biden is over. He is expected to restore consensus between Democrats…

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