Arabian Peninsula in Deadly Grip of Coronavirus

It is quite clear that the Coronavirus has resulted not only in a significant impact on people and their health,…

A Disgraceful Act: They Desecrated, and Removed the Statue of Marshal Konev!

Soon, there might be silence. The liberation of Prague, as well as the liberation of Auschwitz and or Warsaw by…

Humanity: Coming Together, Then Breaking Apart

A dozen years ago I acquired a fascinating book titled The Practical Science of Planetary Medicine by James Lovelock, one…

Who’s to Suffer the Bigger Blow from Migrant Crisis?

At present, illegal migrants, more often referred to by western media outlets as refugees, remain one of the most vulnerable…

Corona – The Aftermath

What will be next? Is a question on many people’s minds. Very likely the world will never be the same…

On Turkey’s New Plans for Syria

That Turkey was forced to do yet another deal with Russia to avoid a military humiliation in Syria unmistakably showed…

Saudi Arabia’s “Blitzkrieg”-fiasco in Yemen


Five years ago, Saudi Arabia, under the pretext of coming to the aid of a legitimate Yemen government led by President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi at the time, spearheaded a coalition consisting of 10 Arabic nations that began Operation Decisive Storm against the majority-Zaidi Shia Houthi movement (or Ansar Allah, the Arabic for “Helpers/Supporters of God”) in Yemen…

Libya’s Government of National Accord in its Death Throes


As reports focus on the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic worldwide, stories regarding the state of affairs in Libya have all but disappeared from pages of leading media outlets. But in the meantime, recent events in this country are increasingly indicative of the fact that the internationally recognized Government of National Accord (GNA), led by Fayez…

The COVID-19 Pandemic and Relations between China and the United States


The global panic over the COVID-19 pandemic is starting to have an extremely negative impact on all aspects of people’s lives. The impact that problems associated with the coronavirus outbreak are having on various aspects of the Great Global Game of politics today is therefore bound to remain a preoccupation. Unfortunately, the one thing…

Who and what is behind the Crisis in Saudi Arabia?


One of the key players in the global fossil fuel market – Saudi Arabia – a rich and influential kingdom, is currently experiencing quite a severe crisis. Saudi Arabia’s outward stability as a nation state and its rulers’ seemingly firm grip on power belie deep-seated rifts, the discontent felt by the elite and social tensions. A high unemployment rate among the youth…

When the Going Gets Tough, the US Runs to its Criminal Friends


Donald Trump’s consistent use of the term “Chinese Virus” when discussing Covid-19 has raised a few eyebrows. Having been locked down and had the foreseeable future taken away, the world has no choice but to defer to his leadership. But rather than leading the world, he leads a chosen part of it against another part of it in every speech…

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