Erdogan is the First to Put Western Ambassadors in their Place

Recently, Western ambassadors, led by their respective governments, but mainly by Washington, began to interfere in the internal affairs of…

Russia and China’s Moon Race with America

The space race has been on for decades. Although different countries have different objectives. Russia has repeatedly stated that space…

Afghanistan Impales the US “On Its Own Stake of Racism”

Around fifty years ago the American singer Lovelace Watkins, who hadn’t made the expected impact in his own country, became…

Europe at a Crossroads in its Relations with China

The always debatable category of political Europe refers primarily to the leading European countries, such as Germany, France, and the…

New Military Bloc – New Threats to Peace and Security in Asia

In September 2021 it was announced that in the Asia-Pacific and Indo-Pacific regions emerged a new military bloc composed of…

Middle East: Both the US and Israel Pose a Military Threat to the Region

Majid Takht-Ravanchi, Iran’s ambassador and permanent representative to the United Nations, warned in a letter to the UN Security Council…

Russian and Chinese Patience with the United States Finally Shows Signs of Running Out


One of the things one finds constantly amazing is the ability of western politicians, or political figures, to describe the world in a way that is unrecognisable to the averagely informed citizen. A classic illustration of this point was recently evident in an interview given by NATO’s Jens Stoltenberg to the London…

US Weaponizes UN for Regime Change in Myanmar


When the United Nations through its online news portal claims one of its experts sees the situation in Myanmar “failing” and urging measures to save the country from its current, ongoing conflict, many might take it at face value. The article would claim: According to Special Rapporteur Tom Andrews, since its power grab and overthrow of the democratically…

US Using its Allies to Start a War with China?


The situation in the Indo-Pacific Region (IPR) has become noticeably more complicated in recent years, primarily due to the openly provocative actions of the United States towards Taiwan. China is wary of a series of US-Taiwan military exchanges initiated by the Biden administration. One of these was the recent visit to Washington by Taiwanese army…

Erdogan Reinforces Turkish Expansion in Africa


With the sharp decline of Western influence in Africa in recent decades, a new and quite influential player — Turkey — has become significantly stronger on this continent. Turkey’s current relationship with Africa is only 20 years old. According to some reports, as early as the late 1980s, a group of Turkish diplomats working on the African continent developed a strategy to “open Africa…

Women in the Armies of the East


Whether a woman can be a soldier or her primary purpose is to care for children and provide comfort at home when their men are at war is still a contentious issue in many countries. Female warriors in the image of heroines of Greek mythology have long been an exception to the rule. Still, today, in the 21st century, female police officers and soldiers are no longer a surprise…

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