What’s Good for Russia is Good for Us

Reuters reports five scientists killed in northern Russia, and Vladimir Putin’s evil plan to start Armageddon is suddenly revealed. Or,…

Protecting Information Space from Facebook's Tyranny

neo collage 5667
The recent attack aimed at New Eastern Outlook (NEO) and several of its authors once again exposes the infinite hypocrisy…

Britain and its Hidden War on its Minors

Whenever the name Great Britain is brought up, we start thinking about gloomy skies, Victorian Gothic mansions, perfectly dressed gentlemen…

What Is the UK After In the Waters of the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean?

The series of events in the “a tanker for a tanker war” between Iran and the West in the Strait…

Are Gene Edited Cows or Humans What We Really Need?

Scientists using the “second generation” of genetic manipulation technology have used gene-editing to alter the DNA of breed of cattle…

DPRK's Fourth Short Range Missile Launch and the International Reaction

Early in the morning of August 6, North Korea conducted a new series of missile launches, the fourth incident over…

US Seeks to Become World Political Schemers


On an practically daily basis, representatives of the present political élite of Washington and US media voice accusations of Russia, China and some other countries which allegedly try “to interfere” with the internal affairs of the US. At the same time, Washington does not mention that the budget-financed US National Endowment…

Turkey & the US: Far from Allies in Syria


The recent agreement between the US and Turkey regarding the creation of a “safe-zone” in Syria notwithstanding, the underlying divergence of interests between the two countries continues to exist in a far more explicit way than meets the eye. As such, while the agreement apparently seems to imply that both NATO-members have…

“Blackwashing Google”


The media is filled with attacks on Google Corporation and “whistleblowers” who now tell us that Google has just begun interfering in politics because it hates Donald Trump and will do anything to prevent his reelection. Blacklists have been published, showing hundreds of websites banned, 90% of them almost “0” traffic and unheard of, this being proof…

Pakistan: Prime Minister I. Khan Visits the US


There was an atmosphere of euphoria in Pakistan, and flattering epithets met Prime Minister Imran Khan during his official visit to Washington in July 2019. At the height of the trade war with China, tough economic sanctions and military threats in Iran, tense relations with Russia, the prevailing uncertainty in the negotiations…

The World is Angry


I haven’t done a comparative study, but it’s probably safe to say that rarely has there been so much anger during relatively peaceful’ times, in so many countries in both the ‘developing’ and so-called ‘developed’ world. The cause of the anger appears to be the same everywhere: popular discontent with the way governments are handling the complexities of modern…

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