Europe Faces a Moment of Truth Over Russia’s Demands on the United States Presence in Europe

The German government has recently refused overflight rights to the Royal Air Force who were sending planes to Ukraine loaded…

UAE Can’t Hide its War on Yemen behind Finehearted Conversations

Ever since the opening of Dubai Expo 2020 in Dubai, the UAE appears to have become the centre of tourism…

Turkey’s Sociopolitical Crisis is getting Worse

Turkey has lately shown signs of a clearly growing socio-political crisis in the country. Its economy is going through a…

Strengthening Ties between Iran and Russia Help Improve the Global Situation

On January 20, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Sayyid Ebrahim Raisi completed a two-day official visit to Moscow. The…

UN being Used as a Cover for Criminal Activity in Africa

Founded after the end of the Second World War, the United Nations Organization set itself a primary goal of defending…

Are Morocco and Algeria Preparing for War?


There has recently been an increasing amount of media coverage about the marked deterioration of relations between Algeria and Morocco, and even about purported preparations for mutual hostilities between the two states. It is noted that Algeria accuses Morocco of aggression, recalls Western Sahara, which it recognizes as…

Is Perfidious Erdogan Destroying Russia for The Great Turan?


Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is notorious for slippery dealings with supposed allies whether NATO or the EU. However his greatest perfidy seems now to be directed against Turkey’s relationship with Putin’s Russia. Over the past two or more years in its dealings with Ukraine, Armenia, Syria, Libya and now most recently…

Carrying on the Chronicles of the Taiwan Issue


The last article on the Taiwan issue in NEO focused on the referendum held on December 18 2021, on four questions. Of those four questions, only one has any real foreign policy implications, touching as it does on the relations between Taiwan’s current leadership and Washington, its main supporter in the international community. The referendum attracted considerable…

What does the Future Hold for the Arab World in Transition?


For most of the past decade, the Arab world has been facing many complicated, although at times overlapping problems, as it struggled to overcome political turmoil and historical transition that followed the 2011 Arab spring and its ramifications. It seems that the dramatic events that changed the region mark an important milestone in the modern history…

The Biden Administration Heats Up the South China Sea


As part of its strategy to develop a global coalition against China in and around the Indo-Pacific, the US has been, for past many years, paying very close attention to what can be called ‘territorial flashpoints’ surrounding China – Taiwan, Hong Kong, Tibet and Xinjiang – to demonise and delegitimise China as a global power. Tapping into existing internal/regional…

China-Iran Strategic Cooperation Changes the Balance of Power


There has been a marked shift in the balance of power in the world as the US has recently intensified its attempts to regain world domination, including through sanctions against countries trying to demonstrate their independence from Washington. And in this respect, Beijing’s attempt to create a multipolar world based on an alliance with countries…

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