Yuriy Zinin

Assessing the Situation in Egypt

The Egyptian military's assumption of power has elicited a flood of conflicting judgments and assessments by Western analysts and political…

Syria: Peace Talks and Gasoline

The staggering amount of aggressive actions against the Syrian regime implies that the United States are not going to settle…

On the Egyptian Topic

It happened so that Egypt has recently found itself at the front stage of the media attention around the Globe.…

Tunisia in the Search for Compromise

The mass demonstrations and rallies in Tunisia involving both supporters and opponents of the Islamic Ennahda party, which has been…

On the Political Situation in Libya

The first anniversary of the election of the National Congress (interim Parliament) in Libya on July, 7 has once again…

The Boston Massacre through Middle Eastern Eyes

The explosions in Boston stirred public opinion and rocked the analytical community in Arab countries, and the media and blogger…

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