Yuriy Zinin

Turkey Coup: After the Dust Settles


The sultan’s image has been shaken, ‘The coup’s failed, however that won’t help Erdogan’, ‘Where will the bleeding tiger escape’ –Middle East newsmakers have been excelling in offering eye-catching headlines to cover the recent…

Russian-Turkish Reconciliation as Seen from the Middle East


Recent improvements in the bilateral relations between Russia and Turkey have provoked intense discussion among analysts and media experts across the Middle East. Ankara, in the opinion of local commentators, has paid…

From the Sykes-Picot Agreement to the Arab Spring

карта конф-6

In recent weeks, the media and academic circles in the Middle East have been particularly often mentioning two names – Sykes and Picot. This fact was associated with a 100-year anniversary of the secret agreement that was signed in…

Results of the Second Forum Journalists from Muslim Countries Against Extremism


In order to improve today’s global information space the attendees of the second forum called “Journalists from Muslim Countries Against Extremism” urged all states

The Take of Middle Eastern Media Sources on the Terrorist Attacks in Brussels


The terrorist attacks in Belgium have sent a wave of anger an outrage across the whole Middle East. Those attacks were condemned by both the Iraqi and Iranian presidents, the King of Saudi Arabia, the Foreign Ministers of Qatar…

What Coverage Received Russia’s Withdrawal from Middle Eastern Media Sources?


The headlines of the Middle Eastern media have recently been marked by such words as “surprise” and “shock” after the announcement that Russia’s President Vladimir Putin declared a partial withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria. This reaction can be…

Arab Journalists Say “No” to Islamism Moscow Media Forum


The subject of opposing ISIL and its ideology by the Arab and Islamic media, has been a dominant topic at the recent forum in Moscow “Journalists of the Muslim countries against extremism.” The nature of this phenomenon, the ways of…

Downing of SU-24: the View of the Arab Media


“An unreasonably reckless act”, “Turkey is butting with the Russian bear”, “The high price of Turkey’s mistake.” Nowadays the Arab media is full of such and similar headlines in connection with the shooting down of the Russian…

Libya: Four Years Down the Road


Turbulent events in Syria, the international community is closely watching, deflect attention from the situation in Libya. In this circumstances, the fourth anniversary of the murder of the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi (October 20, 2011DahJTkfw went by virtually…

What Does the Middle East Think About Russia’s Military Campaign?


The propaganda campaign, launched by the West in response to Russia’s ongoing military campaign in Syria has produced a massive response across the Arab media. Those sources that were claiming that “Assad should go” from the very…

A Joint Anti-ISIL Information Center is Opening in Baghdad


The agree- ment between Russia, Syria, Iran and Iraq on the creation of an information center to coordinate the fight against ISIL in Baghdad has received an extensive amount of media coverage in Iraq. As for the legal aspect of this step, local…

Migrant Crisis and the Ongoing Conflict in Syria


Footage of poor migrants flooding European streets has been aired in the last couple of days by all the major TV stations around the world. Most of those came from Syria, forced to leave their homeland due to the bitter armed conflict that has been raging for…

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