Yuriy Zinin

What Does the Middle East Think About Russia’s Military Campaign?


The propaganda campaign, launched by the West in response to Russia’s ongoing military campaign in Syria has produced a massive response across the Arab media. Those sources that were claiming that “Assad should go” from the very…

A Joint Anti-ISIL Information Center is Opening in Baghdad


The agree- ment between Russia, Syria, Iran and Iraq on the creation of an information center to coordinate the fight against ISIL in Baghdad has received an extensive amount of media coverage in Iraq. As for the legal aspect of this step, local…

Migrant Crisis and the Ongoing Conflict in Syria


Footage of poor migrants flooding European streets has been aired in the last couple of days by all the major TV stations around the world. Most of those came from Syria, forced to leave their homeland due to the bitter armed conflict that has been raging for…

Iraqi Daily Show Ridicules ISIS


Meat Ahmed Albasheer – the author and host of the Iraqi satirical television “daily” show. For many Albasheer is a second Mister Bean, the role played by a British actor Robert Atkinson who impersonated the image of this legendary pop culture idol, and it’s…

The Group of Strategic Vision is Gaining New Momentum


Middle Eastern media sources have been particularly vocal in covering the recent meeting of the Group of Strategic Vision “Russia-Islamic World” that was held in Moscow. Since the moment of its creation back in 2006, it has been consistently searching for…

Mohammed Bin Salman’s Visit to Russia: View from the Region


The recent visit to Russia by the successor to the Crown Prince, Minister of Defense of Saudi Arabia, Muhammad bin Salman, the son of the reigning King Salman, invoked a torrent of responses in the media and public circles of the kingdom…

Moscow and Baghdad Synchronize their Cooperation Watches


The recent visit to Russia of Prime Minister of Iraq Haider al-Abadi caused a resonance in the media and political circles of the country of Ancient Mesopotamia. A number of local observers emphasized the history of cooperation between…

Libya: Oil Sector Under Assault

Since the beginning of March this year, against the background of ongoing civil strife in Libya, a wave of violence…

The Flourishing Cooperation of Moscow and Cairo

Vladimir Putin’s official visit to Egypt on February 9-10 has proved to be an extremely successful and fruitful trip. It…

The New King Reshuffles Saudi Goverment

The new 79-year-old king of Saudi Arabia Salman bin Abdulaziz announced a total reshuffle of the government only a week…

Terrorist Attack In Paris: View From The Middle East

The terrorist attack in Paris against the magazine "Charlie Hebdo" was received in many media and social circles of the…

Tunisia: New Occupant of the Palace at Carthage

The new occupant of the palace at Carthage (the location of the ancient city in the suburbs of Tunis), the…

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