Yuriy Zinin

Has the Persian Gulf Crisis Overshadowed the Syrian Dossier?


The crisis between Saudi Arabia and its former supporter Qatar which could observe all through the last month provoked a storm of comments in the Middle Eastern media space. There’s a handful of predictions and speculation about…

Middle East Evaluates the Results of Trump’s Tour across the Region


The recent tour that the sitting US President took across the Middle East along with his visit to Saudi Arabia at the very beginning of that tour have been extensively discussed…

Middle East Reacts to Washington’s Strike Against Syria


The recent missile strikes initiated by the Trump administration has produced resonated across the whole Middle Eastern region both in the media sources and social networks. A number of Persian Gulf monarchies praised this…

Sarraj’s Visit to Moscow was Received Positively in the Middle East


A visit that was paid to Moscow by the Prime Minister of the Libyan Government of National Consent, Fayez al-Sarraj has once again drwan the public attention to the problems of this country, that undergoes the crisis of duality…

Middle Eastern Analysts Evaluate the Astana Meeting Results


The ever increasing number of mentions of the city of Astana across the Middle Eastern media sources can be largely attributed to the Syrian peace talks that were held in this city. Local…

What Should One Expect from the Syrian Peace Talks in Astana?


The international meeting on the Syrian settlement in Astana has been attracting the attention of numerous experts across the Middle East. Most experts agree that the meeting will be…

Middle Eastern Media Sources Discuss Aleppo’s Fall


The liberation of Aleppo and the withdrawal of radical militants from this Syrian city provoked a storm of responses and comments across various Middle Eastern media sources. While trying to downplay this major Damascus’ success…

Aleppo Events Resulted in the Syrian Opposition Crisis


“The collapse of the opposition in Aleppo”, “The sun sets on the terrorists, as the besieged city awaits the decisive battle.” Similar headlines can be found across all Middle Eastern media sources after the withdrawal of…

JASTA’s Impact on the US-Saudi Relations, as Seen from the Middle East


The adoption of the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTADahJTkfw by the US Congress and the impact it may have on Washington’s relations with Riyadh and the future of the Gulf…

The US Attack near Deir ez-Zor as Seen from the Middle East


“The American bombing in Deir ez-Zor, pieces of evidence and responses”, “An outrageous backstab”, “What is behind the American onslaught?” – those are the headlines one could run across while looking through the Middle Eastern…

The Euphrates Shield as Seen From The Middle East


Turkish military intervention in Syria that is know under its codename the Euphrates Shield and its consequences have been actively discussed by media outlets and experts all across the Middle East. The reasoning behind this…

Russia-Turkey Rapprochement as Seen From The Middle East


The beginning of Russian-Turkish reconciliation, the impact this rapprochement may have on the situation in the region, and especially on Syria, has been actively discussed by various media and political sources across the Middle…

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