Yuriy Zinin

Syria and the Road to Return to the Ranks of the Arabs


Two themes have recently attracted the attention of media and social networks in the Middle East. The first is the trend towards a gradual restoration of Arab relations with the Syrian government. The second is the role of Russia in the region. The first is indicated by the resumption of the work of the UAE and Bahrain diplomatic missions in Damascus…

Arab Media Outlets on Withdrawal of US Forces from Syria: What is Next?


“Trump’s Syrian bomb”. “Washington reshuffled the deck with its sudden departure”. “Trump throws a wrench in allies’ plans”. These headlines in response to Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw U.S. forces from Syria fill the media space in the Middle East. The outlets are boiling…

The Incident in the Strait of Kerch: a Middle-Eastern Perspective


The Strait of Kerch, a location that is not often mentioned in the Middle Eastern media – or social media – has become rather more familiar in that region since Ukrainian ships recently entered Russian territorial waters in the Black Sea. In the Arab world a number of journalists…

Palermo Conference on Libya Failed to Make the Region Overly Excited


The international conference on Libya, which took place on November 12-13 in the Italian city of Palermo, provoked a noticeable resonance across the Middle East. In general, one can only welcome the initiative of Italy, which managed to bring together various Libyan factions…

US Mid-term Elections: Middle Eastern Perspective


The results of US mid-term elections have evoked an animated response from Arab media outlets and expert circles. Writers are contemplating the potential effect of the new balance of power (Democrats won the majority in the House of Representatives, while Trump still controls…

Anniversary of Gaddafi’s Death and the Current Situation in Libya


The seventh anniversary of the killing of the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi on October 20, 2011 provides us with an opportunity to reassess those dramatic events which caused a major step backwards in the country’s development. With the fall of its leader, the country’s power…

Middle Eastern Take on the Turkish-American Face Off


“Is the Fall of the Turkish-American Pact just a matter of Time?”, “America’s Relations with Turkey: the Worst is Yet to Come,” “Why Would Trump Fight Against his Allies?” These are the headlines in the Middle Eastern media one can come across while studying the recent tensions…

The Middle East: Russian Grain Exports are on the Rise


The hype surrounding the unprecedented sanctions levelled against Moscow for its alleged involvement in the chemical weapons attack in Salisbury has once again highlighted the importance of diversifying Russia’s external economic and commercial ties. The Russian Federation’s…

Syrian Armed Forces Stage a Final Assault of the so-called “Cradle of the Revolution”


Today, the so-called anti-government opposition in Syria and those media sources that had been supporting those are in a state of disarray, as Damascus is retaking one village after another in the Daraa Governorate, a southern region…

How the Syrian Endgame Reported by the Middle Eastern Media


The recent removal of a total of 13 checkpoints in the center of Damascus that followed the liberation of the Eastern and Southern Ghouta from radical jihadists that tormented the civilian population of the Syrian capital with their never-ending shelling, provoked a positive response…

Trump’s Decision to Turn his Back on the Iran Deal Left the Middle East in a State of Shock


The better part of the Middle Eastern media sources have been left in a state of shock by the announcement that Donald Trump is going to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal that was signed due to the extensive efforts invested by a total of six international mediators…

Arab Media’s Take on the Salisbury Incident


Opinions voiced by the Arab media regarding the Salisbury incident range from bewilderment to skepticism and outright criticism. Upon examining the accusations voiced against Russia, all of Arab authors point out a long list of inconsistencies found across the Western narrative…

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