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Yana Leksyutina

Xi Jinping’s Policy toward Japan


In the entire history of China-Japan relations, the two countries had never been in such a harsh opposition and their bilateral relations had never been so strained as in the period that followed the events of September 2012. The Japanese authorities’ decision to…

On China’s “Neighbouring Diplomacy”


Due to the significant strengthening of China’s all-round national strength and also in light of changes in China’s immediate surroundings, over the past few years, Beijing’s foreign policy and approaches towards its closest neighbours are subject to…

The US and China’s Military Budget


On September 3, celebrations took place in Beijing to mark the 70th anniversary of Victory of Chinese People’s Resistance againstJapanese Aggression and World Anti-Fascist War. The significance of the event for the Chinese should not…

The First Chinese White Paper on Military Strategy: New Accents?


On Tuesday, May 26, the Chinese government promulgated the first White Paper in the history of China specifically dedicated to China’s military strategy. The publication of this document became the next step taken by…

The USA and China: Contradiction Growth in Security Sphere in the APR

With Chinese building up comprehensive national power, a variety of contradictions between Beijing and Washington are continuously expanding. Over the…

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