F. William Engdahl

China and Russia Firm Ties With High Speed Rail Link

The growing fusion of economic self-interest between Russia and China has just taken another major step forward with the final…

Gates and Obama Share a Dark Secret

In 2014 there was the western Africa Ebola hoax where US President Barack Obama, the first black man to be…

Hillary: The New York Times Will Never Tell Us This

If she wasn’t such an ice-cold-hearted person, one might almost feel sorry for Hillary Rodham Clinton. Now, before she even…

Turkey Deserves Better

A bitter war is raging inside Turkey that pits Fetullah Gülen, the nominal head of a multi-billion dollar movement known…

The Good Fight of the Polish Farmers

Poland’s farmers are in a very important and very good fight with their government and with their parliament. They are…

Russia’s Remarkable Renaissance

Something remarkable is taking place in Russia, and it’s quite different from what we might expect. Rather than feel humiliated…

Now China Blows Kisses to India

No sooner did US President Barack Obama leave New Delhi with many warm hugs from India’s newly elected Prime Minister…

Ukraine Electricity Emergency Courtesy of Guess Who?

The division of Ukraine since Kiev and Washington launched a civil war in the spring of 2014 against the Russian-speaking…

Monsanto’s Trojan Horse will eat in EU Fields

Monsanto just succeeded in getting a mammoth Trojan Horse inside the European Union. A rotten compromise has just been approved,…

Putin and Iran Do a ‘Game Changer’

The dynamics of Russian foreign policy since the USA has forced a de facto declaration of war via financial and…

The Hilarity of George Soros in Munich

Sometimes I come across a comment from someone in the public eye that is so ridiculous it must not be…

Behind the Putin Invite to Kim Jong-un

Russian President Vladimir Putin raised many eyebrows in the west recently by confirming that he had invited the pariah North…

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