F. William Engdahl

Will it Be ‘So Long California, Been Good to Know You’?

We occasionally hear stories of the Great Dustbowl in America’s grain-rich Midwest during the Great Depression of the 1930’s when…

Putin Undercuts Obama Iran Ploy

Once more Vladimir Putin and his team have managed to undercut Washington’s geopolitical strategy, this time regarding the secret bilateral…

Iceland’s Economic Revolution

Icelanders are a proud stubborn people with more than 1200 years of history, rugged Scandinavian stock, living in one of…

The Next Financial Tsunami Just Began in Texas

The last financial Tsunami was a doozer that almost destroyed the global financial system. It was the collapse of the…

Will Greece Join the Eurasian Union?

At the very least the new Greek government realizes it must play in a deadly power game over the future…

Iran and a Possible New Energy Geopolitics

The recent tentative agreement between Iran and the USA regarding Iran’s nuclear program open the prospect of a lifting of…

AIIB, BRICS Development Bank and an Emerging World

Germany is a founding member as France. So is Luxemburg, even Great Britain. Putin’s Russia and India are also among…

Polio or Something More Sinister?

Polio is something I have more than a passing acquaintance with. Two days before my fifth birthday a medical doctor…

Kiev Commits Energy Hari Kiri

What the insane Washington-orchestrated civil war in Ukraine has not yet destroyed in Ukraine over the past year, now the…

Putin’s New Mediterranean Strategy

While attention has been focused in recent weeks on the role of Russia and President Vladimir Putin in brokering a…

China and Russia Firm Ties With High Speed Rail Link

The growing fusion of economic self-interest between Russia and China has just taken another major step forward with the final…

Gates and Obama Share a Dark Secret

In 2014 there was the western Africa Ebola hoax where US President Barack Obama, the first black man to be…

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