Vladimir Terehov

On the Current Situation in Sino-Indian Relations


The list of several major plot arcs of the current stage of the “Great World Game” includes the Sino-Indian one. For fairly obvious reasons, its importance will only increase over time. Therefore, the transformation of relations between the two Asian giants deserves special attention in the context of other similarly important subjects, one of the main actors of which remains…

The Current Situation Concerning the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands


Located in the East China Sea, the five uninhabited islands with a total area of about 6 square kilometers, which in Japan are called Senkaku and in China Diaoyu, are among those few “particularly heated” zones, from which, under unfortunate circumstances, the flames of full-scale conflict could well erupt. Not only in the Indo-Pacific region…

The China-India-Pakistan Triangle on the Verge of Détente


The February 25 phone conversation between the Foreign Ministers of India and China (Subrahmanyam Jaishankar and Wang Yi) was quite remarkable in terms of assessing the political game in the Indo-Pacific region and in the world at large. For the first time since last September, when the same ministers met in Moscow…

The Attack on the 2022 Winter Olympics has Begun


Apparently, the next Olympic Winter Games scheduled for February next year are becoming one of the new main justifications for, and the target of, an expanding information and propaganda war waged against the PRC. This was the country that was selected in 2015 at the 128th IOC meeting, held in the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, to host the Winter Olympics 2022. That in…

The Latest Forums for the “Quad” and the Munich Security Conference


In terms of assessing the situation in the Indo-Pacific region, two recent events that happened over a one-day interval (February 18 and 19) are especially noteworthy. These were the online forum held between the foreign ministers of Australia, India, the United States, and Japan (that form the so-called “Quad”), and the Munich Security Conference…

“Do Women Talk Too Much?” or a Scandal at the Japanese Olympic Committee


A recent comment made by head of Tokyo Olympics organizing committee Yoshiro Mori sparked a political uproar, seemingly disproportionate in scale, which was eventually followed by his punishment that did not fit the crime. It is worth highlighting that once the chief was forced to resign on February 12, the scandal…

Joe Biden on Relations with China


It hardly needs explaining that the nature of relations between the two leading world powers under the new American administration (during its next four years in power) will be at the center of the global political process. The last time we touched on this topic was in connection with the February 5 phone conversation between the new US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken…

Britain Continuing its Tilt Towards the Indo-Pacific Region


The NEO has previously reported on the attempts by the United Kingdom to return to a region referred to as “East of Suez” in the heyday of the British Empire. Today, such a trend in UK foreign policy is defined by the term “tilt,” the development of which has recently come to light with a number of new evidences. On January 31 of this year…

Antony Blinken and Yang Jiechi had a “Talk” Over the Phone


The NEO has previously noted (and explained) a certain turnaround in the new US administration’s first contacts with the leadership of other major players in the key Indo-Pacific region. Japan, India, and China are among these contacts. This was the order of the first brief telephone conversations between the main actors in the Joe Biden administration (including…

On the Events in Myanmar


A state “somewhere in Asia” with the modern name “Myanmar” is rarely the subject of worldwide media attention. And if it has become the focus of attention for some time (in connection with certain events that took place in this country on February 1 this year), then a very general explanation is required regarding the object of the sudden global uproar. So, located in the west…

First Reactions of Japan, India, China on the Change of Administration in the US


The first statements and telephone contacts of the new US leadership with their counterparts in Japan, India and China deserve close attention. If only because the development of the situation in the key Indo-Pacific region of the global space of the current “Great World Game” will be almost decisively determined by the state…

Indian Capital Invaded by Tractors on Republic Day


So, the question posed earlier by the NEO кegarding the prospect of farm tractors participating in the parade on the occasion of India’s national holiday of Republic Day has been answered. However, this answer has proven rather contradictory. In one sense, it could be a “yes,” that is, the “tractor drivers” were allowed to come to the capital of their country on its major holiday. However…

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