Vladimir Terehov

No End to the Chronicles of the Taiwan Issue


In the new commentary on the most significant developments one way or another related to the Taiwan issue, first of all it is worth re-emphasizing what in the author’s view is the most important thing. Namely, despite the continuing general trend of thickening clouds in the picture reflecting the issue, there are still glimpses…

A Few Words about Sexism – Japan’s Experience


In the current stage of the Great Game – the global geopolitical power struggle in which the contestants are behaving more and more like the inmates of a madhouse – the world is seeing words take on new meanings. And one of the most important words in this Newspeak is “sexism.” This term, or rather a marker – a bit like the code words used by fighter pilots…

Shangri-La Dialogue on the Issues of International Security


A new (19th) Shangri-La Dialogue was held in Singapore on June 10-12 to discuss regional security issues. It was initiated and co-organized by the London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies, which is rightly seen as one of the world’s most respected “think tanks” specializing in research on a wide range of issues summarized by the Institute’s name. Its most famous…

The Current State of Pakistan’s Domestic Political Turbulence


The last time NEO covered the topic of domestic political turbulence in Pakistan, which had aggravated by the spring of this year, there was a situation that began to develop in the first days after the country’s parliament passed a vote of no confidence in the government of Imran Khan and then went on to appoint Shehbaz Sharif, the leader of the opposition bloc…

On the Consequences of Yet Another Anti-Islamic Public “Gaffe” in India


Alas, this author was given another topic to discuss in the context of the interconfessional situation in India. A country that is one of the world’s major powers, whose huge population inevitably gives an extremely important foreign policy component to its seemingly purely domestic events. All the more so when…


UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet visits PRC


In light of the current stage of the “Great Game,” which has already brought humanity to the brink of a nearly global catastrophe, what significance does the week-long trip (outwardly a purely “humanitarian” one) to China at the end of May by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet hold? As it turns out…

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s Tour of Pacific Ocean Nations


Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s ten-day tour of a number of countries in the Pacific Ocean, which began on May 26, has provoked considerable commotion in the camp of Beijing’s regional opponents. The words “led by the United States” would be logical, and generally speaking, corresponds to fundamental realities.Yet, when we…

On Anthony Blinken’s Speech at George Washington University


The end of May saw a number of striking developments in Washington’s foreign policy in relation to China, the USA’s main geopolitical foe. Several of these developments took place during President Joe Biden’s trip to South Korea and Japan. Particularly worthy of note were the US President’s long-anticipated announcement about the launch…

Joe Biden Visited South Korea and Japan


US President Joe Biden’s trip to South Korea and Japan in the third decade of May was accompanied by a number of noteworthy events that deserve attention in terms of assessing the current stage of the “Great Game.” Of these, the least significant, but most widely covered in the world media, was the US president’s (sort of) public “gaffe” about the Taiwan issue. In fact…

Chronicle of the Taiwan Issue: the Role of the “Glass of Water”


The Taiwan cluster, i.e. one of the most important and dangerous in the current phase of the Great Game, and it’s a highly dynamic one. Remarkable events follow one after the other, and at least the most significant ones cannot be overlooked. The level of “significance”, in the author’s view, is determined by the extent to which each is consistent…

Another Phase in Japan’s Relations with Europe; But with Which?


Japan is increasingly marking its presence at the table of the Great Game as a significant participant. To be more precise, Japan is returning to the pool of leading world players in which it was in the first half of the last century and which it left in 1945 due to certain circumstances. Roughly the same process can be observed in the positioning…

Riots in Sri Lanka Escalate


Not only has the state of the all-round crisis in which Sri Lanka found itself in March not “resolved” but, as recent events in the country show, it has become increasingly acute. Apparently, it is no longer an alarmist exaggeration to define the situation as “total chaos” by which this condition is assessed in China, that is one of several very interested “outside observers” of all that is currently happening…

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