Vladimir Platov

Washington’s Neocolonial Strategy Fails in the Middle East


For many centuries, the life and politics of countries in the Middle East have been dominated by external forces that have used the potential of the Middle East for their own selfish purposes. After the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the end of World War I, the most powerful external players were France and Britain, followed by the United States…

Biothreat from US on the Rise


As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to devastate many nations of the world, the global community and media outlets have been increasingly focusing on questionable activities being carried out at biolabs financed by funds from the US Department of Defense budget. There have already been a number of publications expressing concern about the collection of human specimens for…

In Syria, Washington Moves to Vietnam-Style “Scorched Earth” Policy


It is now clear, not only in the USA but also beyond its borders, that US efforts to quietly oust the Assad regime in Syria have failed. Washington’s original mission of “protecting the civilian population” in Syria quickly turned into “fighting terrorism,” but this, of course, primarily meant engagement with the very same jihadists from Daesh…

Middle East – Not a Hydrocarbon Hot Spring but a Hotbed of Conflict


Historically low oil prices and the severe impact the coronavirus pandemic is having on trade and the economy are being painfully felt in the Middle East and have added to the ongoing conflicts and made the region particularly volatile lately. The situation that is currently unfolding bodes new serious conflicts for the region. Moreover, the most…

Why did US Start Actively Supporting Egypt?


Washington threatening to potentially impose sanctions against Egypt at the end of 2019 if Cairo went ahead with its purchase of military aircraft from Russia became “a new source of friction” for the USA “with a country whose leader” had been previously lauded by the US President. And just a few days ago, Donald Trump showed the world that the United States…

Pentagon’s Silent Killers


In light of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, which has caused rapid and substantial harm to many nations and lives of their citizens, analysts are reluctantly starting to look at the possibility that certain countries may resort to the use of biological weapons capable of causing mass deaths. Germ warfare is the use of biological toxins or infectious agents, such as bacteria, viruses…

When will US Military Take Over Power in Kyiv?


Not long ago, the author wrote an article about the White House’s “royal gift”, in the form of new US Ambassador Julie Fisher, to Belarus, and pointed out that her appointment was very much in line with Washington’s recent policy to “strengthen” the leadership in its diplomatic missions with individuals with considerable experience in the…

Does NATO have a Future?


In light of recent developments worldwide, including lack of NATO involvement in efforts to protect citizens of the alliance as the Coronavirus continues its spread, a fundamental question arises of “whether NATO today enhances global security or in fact diminishes it.” It is common knowledge that NATO was established in April 1949 in order to serve as a counterweight…

White House is Sending “Royal” Gifts to Belarus


There have already been reports earlier about the White House’s increased focus recently on appointing new US Ambassadors to nations in the post-Soviet space to ensure members of diplomatic staff at consulates in these regions are guided by leaders with substantial experience in military and strategic affairs and in instigating coups. And…

Intelligence Agencies Mobilized in the Fight against Covid-19


The coronavirus outbreak has and will certainly continue to affect all of our daily lives and reality as we know it. Covid-19 has exposed a multitude of problems that have built up in modern society. Health systems in many different countries have not got enough medical supplies, there are problems with social insurance schemes for citizens and businesses, and the wrong priorities…

Rewriting History – Xenophobe’s New Weapon


In the coming days, the global community will mark 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War. Sixty two nations fought in this war, which was unprecedented in scale. It resulted in the death of 50 million people. More than half of them were from the Soviet Union, which emerged as the key opponent of Nazi Germany and its secret and not-so-secret…

The US Abandons its Allies yet Again


Many global players are showing their true colors as coronavirus pandemic rages on worldwide. The global situation at present has shown that the United States is seemingly not very keen on cooperating with other nations even if to win the battle against COVID-19. The country is staying true to the motto promoted by Donald Trump before and during his presidency: “America…

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