Vladimir Platov

Israel and the US are Creating a “Middle East Alliance”

According to Israeli Minister of Defense Benny Gantz, Israel and the US have recently been working hard to establish a…

US Prepares to Oust Erdoğan


After Recep Tayyip Erdoğan officially announced his intention to run in the upcoming 2023 presidential elections in Turkey, the current White House administration gave a clear signal to its Western “allies” to intensify the campaign against the current Turkish leader and prepare measures to oust him.  Although there is no talk of a coup d’état in Turkey yet, the ouster of Erdoğan as a result of the elections has become…

Iran and Russia Revive the North-South Transport Corridor


Following agree- ments reached during the January official visit to Moscow by Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, to further develop and deepen bilateral relations between Iran and Russia, the countries have decided to jointly revive the North-South Transport Corridor. This decision…

US Tries to Open a “Second Front” in Syria


It is well known that US politics, and American politicians themselves, have long thrived not on “diplomatic successes”, but on considerable cash profits from the unleashing of numerous armed conflicts in one part of the world or another. And this is particularly evidenced by the recent allocation by the US Congress of $40 billion to prolong the war in Ukraine and the new supply of US arms…


Turkey is Changing its Opinion on the Events in Ukraine


The “collective West” and many NATO countries have finally begun to receive objective information on the goals and results of Russia’s special military operation to denazify Ukraine. Instead of openly Russophobic coverage of these events by representatives of the current military-political elite of the EU and NATO and, above all, the United States, the true…

Why does the Taliban Want to Move the Afghan Capital?


As evidenced by information coming from Afghanistan, the situation and socio-economic position in the country is deteriorating. Every second Afghan resident is now suffering from hunger, and in the near future the food situation in the country may worsen further, Secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev said on May 27 during the fourth…

US Attempt to Stage an Armed Conflict in GBAR has Failed


Since the Russian armed forces’ special operation to denazify Ukraine was launched on February 24, the US and Britain have been actively trying to create a “second front” against Russia in Central Asia (CA). To this end, the United States has taken active steps to foment, through controlled NGOs, media and US intelligence capabilities, zones in which old conflicts…

Can the Conflict with Turkey over NATO Enlargement be Resolved?


The conflict between the “collective West” and Turkey, due to Washington’s active desire to enlarge NATO by adding Sweden and Finland to the alliance, has not subsided in recent days and makes further action on this track by Ankara increasingly problematic. Furthermore, not everyone in NATO countries is enthusiastic…

US is Actively Trying to Undermine Iran


Iran has been living under US and EU sanctions for over four decades now. Over time, foreign food left the country, with the Danish and Dutch milk, English teas and cereals, coffee, and Swiss chocolate familiar to Iranians in the past having disappeared from store shelves. But there was no famine, as Iranian farmers did their best, baked bread, and bought rice…

US and NATO Increasing Pressure on Turkey


For many a year, relations between Ankara and Washington have been characterized by an “unstable balance.” If initially, when Erdogan first came to power, his Justice and Development Party (AKP) was supported by the United States, then over time it has ceased to be an American project, demonstrating (as well as Erdogan himself) more and more independence…

Ankara is Working Hard to Reestablish Relations with Cairo


Turkey has recently begun working to re-establish relations with Egypt and the Gulf Arab states in an attempt to overcome divisions that have made Ankara increasingly isolated in the Arab world. After Erdoğan’s successful trip to Riyadh at the end of April, Ankara has been working hard to restore relations with Cairo…

Why is the United States Getting Away with Unleashing a Global Biological War?


The United States has long demonstrated to the global community its disregard for international regulations, along with its readiness to unleash a war with the use of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) anywhere in the world. This is what the Americans did in Japan, when they dropped nuclear bombs on civilians…

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