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Political Assassinations – Washington’s “Signature Move”


“The US government is no stranger to the dark arts of political assassinations. Over the decades it has deployed elaborate techniques against its foes, from dispatching a chemist armed with lethal poison to try to take out Congo’s Patrice Lumumba in the 1960s to planting poison pills (equally unsuccessfully)…

Washington Sells Scrap Metal at a Premium Price Tag


Back in 2003, an alternative media site based in Belgium – Indy Media, published a rather clever article titled “Why America Needs War” drafted by a renowned political scientist, Jacques R. Pauwels. Due to the fact that this article has recently been republished by a well-known and respected alternative media site Global Research, a lot of attention has been drawn…

The Face of the Modern US Army


Starting from 2001, the US has been spending  $32 million per hour on war. The United States has spent about $6 trillion on combat operations over the past 20 years, according to Brown University studies. If the warfare ends by 2023, researchers estimate the total cost will be $6.7 trillion at least, not counting the interest on debt…

The Well-Deserved ‘Love’ for US Ambassadors Around the World


The ambassador of any nation is not just the highest-ranking diplomatic representative of their country in a foreign state or an international organization, not simply a spokesperson of their country’s government and their interests, who is obliged to act in line with their diplomatic status. As a country representative, an ambassador is closely…

The World Seeks Ways to Do Away with the Dollar


For the longest time the status of dollar as the world reserve currency was abused to the point when it seemed that it became indispensable. National governments, central banks, and global financial markets have depended on the dollar for everything, from its status as a safe-haven asset to its use in worldwide transactions. However, there’s…


US Intensifies Struggle Over Central Asia

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The rich natural resources of Central Asia have long been stirring the appetite of foreign nations, especially the US, which has recently intensified its activity in the region. Washington’s primary goal is to sideline Russia, as well as China, its main rival, in order to secure a monopoly in Central Asia, not only over the economic…

USA and Political Assassinations

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Politicians are people who not only live in the public eye but also encounter disapproval because of their decisions and actions. Hence, from time to time, the world is shaken by front-page news about the death or tragic demise of yet another prominent politician. It is also worth noting that an overwhelming majority of already…

Who was the Target of the Active Cooperation between US and British Intelligence Agencies?


There’s nothing sensational about the special relations that the UK and US have been enjoying for decades, with intelligence  agencies of these two countries working hand-in-hand to secure converging goals. Since 2001, it would be stated time and again that common struggle against terrorism…

New US Ambassadors to Central Asia – the Testament of Growing US Interest


Carrying on the discussion about the role Central Asia plays in Washington’s grand designs and the tactics it employs to ensure its expansion in this region of the world, one cannot omit the criteria it employs to hand-pick ambassadors sent to regional capitals to advance Washington’s agenda. In this regard, it’s only logical to cite Professor…

Syria is not the Only Country where the US is Occupying Oil Fields


The US has had a military presence in the Middle East for years now. However, the fight against global terrorism is only a smokescreen, veiling what the US truly aims to achieve with its military presence in the region. What the Americans have always really been interested in is oil, and not only the profit they can make from selling it; oil can also…

Meanwhile, BRICS is Alive and Well


There’s been no shortage of interest towards the recently concluded ninth BRICS summit in Brazil. This association brings together a total of five countries, with its name being an acronym coined to represent the combined economies of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. This block represents 23% of the world’s economic output…

Who Will Foot the Bill for America’s Military Bases Overseas?


Although Washington has closed a number of US military bases in recent years, the country still maintains approximately 800 military bases in over 70 countries, ranging from giant compounds to small radar facilities. Most of America’s military bases were established during the Cold War, but some of them…

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