Vladimir Platov

Russia Closes Syrian Skies for Israel

For a long time, Russia and Israel avoided clashes in Syria, where their interests overlap. After Moscow introduced its forces…

Is the US Eavesdropping on EU Leaders Again?


Although wars have increasingly moved into cyberspace in recent years, the leading players remain the same, with the United States “leading the way.” This is confirmed by the occasional scandals with unauthorized control of the phones and emails of political leaders, with the US always holding the “palm.” Of course, the US, through its media and its allies who are still…

Did Warsaw Decide to Harass Washington?


In world politics, the first steps of any newly elected president – what decrees he or she first signed, who they first called or met within their first few months, and what appointments they made are of great importance. That is especially true of the United States, which the international community is watching with particular attention since that country, and consequently…

The Excitement Around the Tokyo Olympics is Growing


The rising tide of media coverage about the Summer Olympics in Tokyo shows that they claim not only to be the most problematic major sports tournament in history. The Tokyo Olympics, postponed from 2020 because of the coronavirus, will begin July 23. At the July 20 session of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in Tokyo, a change in the Olympic motto…

Lebanon in Distress is On the Verge of Collapse


The situation in Lebanon has deteriorated markedly in recent weeks, with mass protests over the deteriorating economic crisis and political collapse that have taken place in the country over the past three years. Protesters block roads and streets, set fire to tires and trash cans, protest insane price increases, another drop in the national currency against the US dollar…

Women in the Israeli Army


The image of the fierce woman warrior has stirred minds since ancient times. Women warriors participated in the Trojan War on the side of Troy. According to Herodotus, the Greeks captured a band of Amazons and sent them home in three ships. According to another legend, Hippolyta, the queen of the Amazons, owned a golden belt, which Hercules himself went after – it was his ninth feat, described…

For Now, the Mossad is Outplaying Tehran


The multiple secret operations carried out by the Israeli special services in recent years against Iran are legitimately indicative of the vulnerabilities inherent in the Iranian strategic infrastructure. And, given the many years of confrontation between Israel and Iran in the area of covert operations, this vulnerability is currently taking on a special…

Japan’s Problematic Olympic Games


The Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo are vying for the top-spot for the most troubled major sporting events in history. Not only did the coronavirus pandemic fall on the Japanese, due to which the Olympic Games had to be postponed for a year, but also the remaining days before the opening (July 23), there is still no clear understanding…

Will Washington Succeed in Toppling Erdogan?


Recently, Sabah, a popular daily newspaper in Turkey, and a number of other Turkish media outlets enthusiastically reported about positive outcomes of the face-to-face meeting between President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his US counterpart Joe Biden in Brussels on June 14, 2021. According to them, the Turkish leader described their discussion as “sincere…

Has the Age of “Terminators” Begun?


Humanity first heard the word “robot” a hundred years ago thanks to the Czech science fiction brothers Josef and Karel Capek, who in their play Rossum’s Universal Robots (R.U.R.) brought to life the idea of artificial people doing the work that humans didn’t want to do. The term itself is derived from the word “robota”, which means “slave”. Over the past century, this term has…

Tensions Escalate around Israel due to the Ongoing Dispute over the Golan Heights


The announcement by a US State Department spokesman, prompted by the American Washington Free Beacon information portal, that under the leadership of Joe Biden, the American authorities will be more cautious than under Trump, and shall tackle the issue of land ownership in the Golan Heights, once again stirred up the military-political…

US has Unleashed Two Pandemics Upon the World: the COVID and the Mass Shootings


No matter how hard the Washington propaganda machine tries to make the US look like an “innocent little bunny,” all the new revelations officially break this obviously unreflective artificial image. So, according to a US National Institutes of Health (NIH) press release distributed the other day, the COVID-19 coronavirus…

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