Vladimir Odintsov

Are Turkey and the US Getting their Divorce Papers?


The well-established relations between Washington and one of its most important NATO allies – Turkey, has recently come under strain due to a growing list of differences between the two and their often conflicting interestsWashington has responded to this development by sending the Turkish lira into a free fall that has recently…

The Disappointing Aftermath of NATO’s 70th Anniversary


The summit marking the 70th anniversary of NATO held at Watford near London was, quite predictably, a disappointment. The media has already dubbed it as the shortest and least productive in the history of the Alliance, and the number of scandals during the event has broken all records. Tensions flared on the very first day of the gathering, with the leaders…

The Latin Alphabet in Central Asia — America’s Geopolitical Tool


Central Asia has long been one of the key fronts in America’s ideological battle and information war against Russia. A year ago, the American geopolitical intelligence platform Stratfor published its forecast for US policy in Central Asia, which focuses much attention on Russia. Analysts from this agency, which is dubbed…

The Reaction of America’s European Allies to Nuclear Escalation in Europe


There are reportedly around 20 B61 nuclear bombs at the German Bundeswehr’s Büchel Air Base alone. If an armed conflict were to break out, German pilots flying Panavia Tornado aircraft would drop nuclear bombs on the “enemy”. American nuclear bombs are also stored at the Incirlik Air Base in Turkey and…

Against Whom the US Wants to ‘Strengthen Cooperation’ with Mongolia?


Mongolia’s role in international relations and the global economy is largely determined by its location right in the heart of Asia, its impressive reserves of minerals (copper, coal, molybdenum, tin, tungsten, gold), and its common border with two Eurasian giants – Russia and China. Also important is the fact…

USA Bolsters Anti-Chinese Efforts in the Indo-Pacific


In response to China’s increasing political and economic clout in the region of South Asia, Washington has intensified its efforts to promote its concept of the free and open Indo-Pacific. Donald Trump’s administration has borrowed this expression from Prime Minister of Japan Shinzō Abe, who described his vision for the Indo…

Politics and Religion


Interactions between politics and religion began with the birth of politics. For centuries, this relationship continued to undergo metamorphoses, especially, at times, when either sphere attempted to dominate the other. From the onset, religion has always been used as a tool by politicians to hold on to power. Out of the two means used…

“American Dream” 2019?


The American Dream is quite a well-defined ethos described in publications by many US philosophers and politicians. It is an expression often meant to reflect the tangible and spiritual ideals of the American population. This term was first used in James Adams’ book on history in order to motivate Americans during the Great Depression, a crisis that…

Prison-State USA


Washington is incessantly trying to inspire the whole world with this myth that the United States is the most democratic country on the planet, and that only Americans, the chosen nation, have the right to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries and establish their own preferred forms of governance there. Unfortunately however, this “American-style democracy” is the cause of growing resentment…

Uzbekistan Decided to Join the EAEU


As it’s been demonstrated by the results of the recent meeting of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council (SEEC), which just came to a closure in Yerevan, the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) is expanding the geography of cooperation. On top of Iran and Singapore, that have already joined the EAEU free trade zone, Uzbekistan is planning…

Sweden’s Nobel Craze


As the announcement of Nobel Prize laureates approached, aspiring Swedes seeking the big prize faced a major mental meltdown. It’s not surprising, as over the last hundred years this country has no more than 30 winners of this prestigious award. The stakes are bigger still if you take into consideration that Sweden hasn’t won a Nobel Prize in over eight years. The last time…

Americans have Had it With Church


US propaganda is actively promoting a positive image of Americans to the world, i.e. of people of faith with staunch religious principles. The US Department of State even has the position of Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom. In the opinion of promoters of such propaganda campaigns, shifting the focus to…

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