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Washington is forcing Japan to adopt a law on state secrets

The new draft law on state secrets, proposed by the government of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in October of this…

Turkey: An Accomplice of Syrian Jihadists


Evidence that Turkey, under the protection of the authorities, has become a transit point for jihadist groups can be found in recent articles by commentators from all over the world, in reports from international nongovernmental organizations and even…

United States, Egypt and lessons learned from events in the Middle East


According to nume- rous observers, the United States are losing their positions in many Arab countries, and, in the first place, in Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, due to its failed policies in the Middle East. The developments that took place in this… 

Foreign Office and human rights in Libya and Iraq

The remarkable aspiration of the British Foreign Office to only accuse the administrations of Libya and Iraq for the current state of events…

Restoring Syria is the Job of the International Community


For the past three years, Syria has been living in a state of war and rampant terror, which has almost completely destroyed the country’s economy and provoked a humanitarian disaster. The international community is polarized in its approach to the Syrian conflict. At one extreme…

Who’s responsible in the Syrian bloodshed?

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The sponsors of the Syrian opposition – the so-called “friends of Syria” continue their sabre rattling at the meeting they…

France and USA: Good Old Frienemies?

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The latest events show that despite all the steps that Paris took in order to satisfy all the demands of…

Washington and Tokyo ramp up military preparations against China

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Despite the break out of a U.S. budget crisis and Obama’s cancelled trip to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APECDahJTkfw Summit “to save public funds”, the White House has neither revised nor curtailed its military obsessions. Only the emphasis has changed: under the influence…

Indonesia and the US-China Rivalry

Lately Washington's foreign policy strategy has clearly emphasized strengthening its position in Southeast Asia, according to many Western experts. The…

Obama and the Syrian Mystery Bouffe

In its struggle against “Syria's chemical weapons”, the White House, with its false rhetoric about "guaranteeing security and human rights…

The United States and International Law

The 68th Session of the UN General Assembly, which opened on September 17, has been particularly long-awaited against the background…

The “Muslim Brotherhood”, the CIA and the international support for the Islamists

The events that took place in Egypt this summer, when the Egyptian president Morsi was toppled, have changed the alignment of…

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