Vladimir Odintsov

US is Actively Trying to Transform Kyrgyzstan into Anti-Russia


The geopolitical confrontation between the collective West, led by the United States, and Russia has noticeably intensified and in recent months, after Moscow launched a special operation to denazify Ukraine, has perhaps reached its peak. This confrontation is especially clearly manifested in the political and trade and economic…

Relations between Turkey and Greece Keep Deteriorating


The territorial dispute that has been going on for decades between the two NATO member countries Turkey and Greece is not only not abating, but, unfortunately, is steadily gaining momentum. Countries regularly put forward claims against each other, including disputes over maritime borders and airspace in the Eastern Mediterranean. In recent months, tensions between…

Russia Formed a Peacekeeping Axis in Tehran


As predicted on the eve of Joe Biden’s Middle East visit and Putin’s trip to Tehran, the Russian president clearly demonstrated the significant difference between Russian and US foreign policy.  First of all, it lies in Moscow’s aspiration to create humanitarian conditions for peacebuilding that meet global requirements, while the White House has…

The Middle Eastern Chess Game between Biden and Putin: the US is Losing


In the coming days, the world will witness the development of a very interesting chess game in the Middle East between the presidents of the US and Russia – Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin, who are going to make significant for both states trips to this region. According to the White House, the very demonstration of the American flag…

Russia and Turkey Fight the West’s Grain Crisis Together


As the leaders of Russia and Turkey have repeatedly pointed out, the state of Russian-Turkish relations over the last 10 years has been a real strategic breakthrough. During this period, the volume of economic ties has increased more than 30-fold and it affects completely different spheres, including food security. It was food security that was the main focus of a meeting…

US Funds New Protests in Libya


Against a backdrop of deteriorating living conditions, electricity shortages, rising fuel and bread prices, popular unrest has returned to the streets of Libyan cities since July 1 which, with the inaction of security forces, has degenerated into disorderly acts by angry crowds, accompanied by vandalism, arson and looting. Hundreds of protesters stormed the parliament building in the eastern…

Tensions between Lebanon and Israel Escalate


Against the backdrop of the recent deterioration in Israel’s relations with Iran and the worsening of Tel Aviv’s relations with the Palestine Liberation Organization, whose militias operate from Lebanon, Syria and the Golan Heights, the situation on the border between Lebanon and Israel is becoming much more complicated. The IDF’s readiness for a new military operation…

US Murders Europe and Other Competitors with its Gas Weapon


As you know, the main driver of US geopolitics has long been the reallocation of the hydrocarbon market. For this purpose, wars, coups and other conflicts are staged. To somehow camouflage such explicit aspirations for global energy market conquest, Washington has in recent decades adopted the brand of “holy war on…

The West Unsuccessfully Tries to Play the Algerian Card


It is now clear to all that the gas war the US and Europe unleashed against Russia, has been lost by the “collective West”. Moscow managed to push “gas for rubles”, forcing the EU to “reverse gear” by agreeing to Russia’s terms. European companies can now pay for Russian gas in rubles, which would not be considered a violation of sanctions, according…

Does Turkey Intend to Replace the CSTO in Central Asia?


Today there are two large military blocs in the world – NATO and the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), which, aside from Russia, Belarus, and Armenia, includes Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan as full members. In addition to the members of the CSTO, it includes observer status nations, and Serbia has been such since 2003…


Who and Why Is Fueling the Confrontation with Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean?


NATO has been struggling to sweep under the carpet the rift between its individual members, especially one of its most noticeable “cracks” in relations with Turkey. US and European media feature a lot of articles disparaging Ankara’s independent policies, a push that has especially picked up steam after Turkey refused…

Iraq Prevents Washington from Rallying the Arab World around Israel


For the past two years, the US has been actively trying to rally the Arab world around Israel, to solve the “Palestinian issue” in American terms and to force Palestine to resolve the conflict with Israel through Donald Trump’s “deal of the century,” which has a clear bias in favor of the Jewish state. Washington does not support the Palestinian…

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