Vladimir Odintsov

U.S. and Israel are Planning the Occupation of Southern Syria

НВО 12
The international community has received yet again a perfect example of the hypocritical practices employed by the White House in…

Saudi Arabia buys the West

The relationship between Saudi Arabia and the west, primarily the United States, has always been a critical component of the…

Fukushima and Israel’s nuclear programme

The series of explosions at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant continues to raise serious concerns in scientific and political communities…

France and Saudi Arabia: The Union of “Misfits”

Saudi_Arabia_King_Abdullah_speaks_with_French_President_Francois_Hollande_Riyadh_Saudi_Arabia_640_001 (1)

While the international co- mmunity summari- zes the achieve- ments of the year 2013, exerting even further efforts in reducing the risk of the armed violence spread in the Middle East (especially in Syria , as well as through the settlement of the Iranian nuclear program stand-off…

Why does Washington provide protection for the Muslim Brotherhood?


The bomb attack of December 24 2013, which targeted a police station in the Egyptian city of Mansoura, left 14 people dead and 200 more injured. Egypt’s Prime Minister Hazem Al Beblawi has not simply attributed the attack to the Muslim Brotherhood group, he has also declared it a…

On the Influence of Urbanization on the Situation in Africa

The rapid urbanization in Africa, taking place in recent years, is essentially a new factor. It presents a danger to…

UN Security Council Resolution № 2118 and the New Provocations

In accordance with United Nations Security Council Resolution 2118 which provides a framework for putting the Syrian chemical weapons under…

The values of English “democracy”


The moniker “bulwark of democracy” actively used in the UK in its mentoring behaviour to the outside world, once again collapses and allows everyone to see the true face of the politicians of this country, and the aggressive policy being implemented by themQuite recently, we have all witnessed…

Farewell, Nelson Mandela

The world says goodbye to Nelson Mandela, to a person who led millions of freedom fighters around the globe to their…

Saudi Arabia is planning to acquire nuclear weapons

The settlement of Iranian nuclear deadlock has recently become a top priority for a number of countries, since it is…

Washington is forcing Japan to adopt a law on state secrets

The new draft law on state secrets, proposed by the government of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in October of this…

Turkey: An Accomplice of Syrian Jihadists


Evidence that Turkey, under the protection of the authorities, has become a transit point for jihadist groups can be found in recent articles by commentators from all over the world, in reports from international nongovernmental organizations and even…

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