Vladimir Odintsov

Imperial Ambitions of the EU are on the Rise

As of recently the European Union has not just been blindly obeying orders from Washington, but in fact has been…

Washington is Going to Rely on NGOs in Central Asia

The United States and their satellites have been using nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) for the preparation and implementation of “color revolutions”…

CIA Must Be Banned

The American and international media with each passing month publish an increasing number of articles that expose the dubious nature…

The US Led Drug War in Afghanistan Failed

According to the latest reports opium poppy cultivation rates are growing consistently in Afghanistan, over the last year they have…

Will Meskhetian Turks Return to their Original Homeland?

The return of Meskhetian Turks to their historical homeland has been widely discussed for at least half a century by…

Japan: The Law on State Secret

Despite the extensive criticism from non-governmental organizations, politicians, and lawyers both in Japan and abroad, the law on protection of…

Colour Revolutions and Their Prospects

The series of "colour" revolutions that have occurred in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) since 2010 have not…

Islamophobia is the White House’s Weapon to Control the Muslim World

Hatred of Islam became a noticeable part of the Western political establishment at the end of last century, when there…

China and India: Strategic Partnership and Cooperation

China and India are two rapidly developing superpowers which are connected through fairly complex relations. Formally speaking, both nations are…

Responsibility for war crimes is unavoidable!

Recent decades will certainly go down in history as the era in which individual nefarious politicians used forceful solutions to…

Britain’s Double Standards

In the West's assessment of the events and politics of Russia in the post-Soviet space, double standards have become its…

Crimean Tatars in the Political Game against Russia

Throughout centuries the Crimea was traditionally regarded by the Western and Turkish authorities as a key to dominance in the…

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